• December 4, 2012

Genesys Orchestration Helps Manage Contact Centers

Genesys, a provider of customer service solutions, today released Genesys Orchestration, a new application that allows enterprise business leaders to control their customer service capabilities with the touch of a butten.

Orchestration, combined with the latest Genesys Business Rules application, empowers line-of-business managers and customer service executives to directly manage activities within the contact center through an intuitive user interface. Business managers can instantly make changes to customer segmentation and routing strategies, business processes, and workflows that support business goals and customer service - all without the need for lengthy IT change management processes. 

Genesys Orchestration technology captures proven customer service strategies and routing methodologies, and packages them into applications through the Genesys Business Rules user interface. The Business Rules application allows users to design and deploy their customer service and contact center strategies - with the ability to change strategies in real time.

Whether strategies and business rules are based on pre-defined Genesys templates or those designed and proven by the business, the Business Rules approach allows companies to capture and re-use existing strategies.

Through a single user interface, the Genesys Business Rules application exposes business-specific parameters to users to manage the customer experience. For example, business managers can immediately change routing and customer process strategies based upon service-level goals, CRM data, purchasing history, and other parameters. Business conditions such as an expiring certificate of deposit or upcoming flight status can be flagged from Genesys Rules to initiate customer service activities, such as an outbound notification, customized IVR treatment, or agent-specific routing strategies.

Genesys Orchestration and Business Rules are part of Conversation Manager, which was introduced as part of the company's latest Genesys 8 release. Conversation Manager captures history, context and other vital customer information to proactively anticipate customer needs.

"Today's announcement is a breakthrough in that it opens the door to advanced customer service to a much broader set of users and companies - including businesses that have not typically deployed powerful solutions like Genesys," said Merijn te Booij, vice president of products and strategy at Genesys, in a statement. "As we continue to focus on technology that simplifies and speeds the deployment of advanced solutions, while delivering low [total cost of ownership], Genesys Orchestration and Business Rules are changing the game in how customer service is managed and by whom within the enterprise."

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