Genesys CX17: Executives Outline the Road Map for Its Customer Experience Suite

INDIANAPOLIS — On day two of Genesys's CX17 user conference, product managers highlighted the company's vision for the three offerings in its Customer Experience suite: PureConnect, PureCloud, and PureEngage.

To kick off the day's general session, Steve Rutledge, senior vice president of product management for Genesys's PureConnect and PureEngage products, took the stage to detail the improvements to Genesys's high-end offerings for medium and large businesses. With the addition of the G-NINE innovation framework, he promised, users of these two platforms will see a focus on improved customer experience, a commitment to tackling technology trends and evolutions relating to digital, the cloud, and data and analytics, and handled with a "human touch," he sad. Furthermore, users will benefit from access to "smart use cases," which allow them to learn from other similar companies' successes and failures with the Genesys technology, so they may take cues regarding what strategies to implement in their own businesses.  

"We are certainly investing heavily in PureConnect," Rutledge assured attendees, to applause. "It's absolutely a critical product for us, going forward."

To begin, the company has invested in improving its user interface, allowing for modern, web-based agent and queue views, as well as omnichannel support for voice, chat, SMS, and other methods of customer communications. Other notable new features to come include views of individual agent performances, supervisory actions, and work group statistics.

Rutledge said that companies can also access co-browsing capabilities, which have been taken from the PureCloud suite and applied to PureConnect. Co-browsing is "a powerful tool if used well and at the right time," Rutledge stressed.

In the next two years, the company plans to add application automation, analytics dashboards, omnichannel enhancements, interaction analytics, and journey analytics. "We have high hopes and big plans for this product line," Rutledge said.

The app automation tool takes prebuilt apps designed for environments such as IVRs or websites and enables additional functionality. Rutledge noted that it can be used, for instance, on Facebook Messenger, and to provide users with a visual IVR. New analytics bring "a new visualization layer to the product," allowing users to view real-time and historical data on an unprecedented level, he said

Plans for PureEngage, previously known simply as the Genesys suite, were also outlined by Rutledge. The platform benefits from improvements to digital customer engagement (via its Engagement Manager feature), employee engagement, and business optimization features.

The Asynchronous messaging capabilities, available through the G-NINE innovation framework, promise to help companies meet customers "where they are," Rutledge said—customers can break off from a communication and pick it up where they left off on different channels and at various times of the day.  

Rutledge highlighted Genesys's partnership with Micro Strategies; the companies have teamed up to develop the CX Insights tool, which allows Genesys users to view data from a number of different environments and build business reports quickly.

Mike Szilagyi, vice president of product management at Genesys, detailed the vision for PureCloud for small businesses. Szilagyi stressed that the solution has been growing not only in usership—increasing from 2,000 to 23,000 in a year—but also in terms of what it is capable of.

According to Szilagyi, PureCloud has been vetted to meet security and compliance requirements, and so customers "can rest assured that [their] data is being protected" and can spend less time on compliance and more time on tending to and growing their business. Genesys demonstrated how the suite allows users to handle omnichannel interactions from their desktops, connecting customer journeys and leveraging Big Data through analytics dashboards to oversee agent and IVR performances. Szilagyi said that the company will be integrating screen recording capabilities into the platform to give users "another source of context." In the next six to 12 months, PureCloud will also gain web-based survey and workforce management capabilities, an app development platform, and an app foundry.

"The thing that gets me most excited about the PureCloud platform is the ecosystem of innovation that’s yet to come,” Szilagyi said.

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