• June 12, 2012

Genesys Announces Klout Score Integration

Genesys, a provider of customer experience solutions, today announced the integration of Klout within its Genesys Social Engagement solution.

By integrating Klout Score capabilities, social media and other customer service interactions can now be prioritized by the customer's social media status and sent to the ideal resource for resolution. For example, customers with high social media status and influence based on their Klout Scores should be aligned with specialized or social-savvy customer service agents.

Klout Scores are a key indicator of an individual's social media status and influence and are rated on a scale between 1 and 100. Klout Scores are calculated using variables that include an individual's number of followers, frequency of updates, the Klout Scores of their friends and followers, and the number of likes, retweets, and shares.

Launched in 2011, Genesys Social Engagement analyzes social media interactions, such as Tweets, Facebook postings, and RSS feeds, and applies intelligent customer routing and business rules to align these interactions with the right resources in the contact center, marketing, or other organizations. By incorporating Klout attributes, these social media interactions can now be evaluated and routed based on their social media influence and amplification. In fact, these capabilities extend beyond social media interactions and can also be applied to phone or Web interactions.

"For over 20 years, Genesys has been the engine of every major contact center and customer service organization, and has intelligently routed millions of voice, Web, mobile, and social interactions to customer service agents across the globe," said Merijn te Booij, vice president of product management and strategy at Genesys, in a statement. "By incorporating Klout within Genesys Social Engagement, we're empowering social savvy enterprises to engage their customers in a new conversation based upon business value and social influence."

"Klout is all about empowering people to benefit from their influence, whether it's by getting access to Cathay Pacific's first-class lounge when they show their Klout Score to the receptionist, or by getting excellent customer service without having to do a thing but influence other people," said Matt Thomson, vice president of business development at Klout, in the statement. "Klout will be a powerful additional layer of the Genesys Social Engagement solution, giving businesses an immediately scalable signal from multiple social media channels that shows them where to turn their attention."

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