• September 9, 2019

Forrester Unveils FeedbackNow 2.0

Forrester today released FeedbackNow 2.0, a cloud-based customer experience (CX) platform that enables companies to monitor and improve their experiences in real time.

FeedbackNow 2.0 combines in-the-moment feedback from digital and physical channels with Forrester's CX analytics. It employs artificial intelligence to filter the feedback.

"In today's age of the customer, experiences need to be monitored and improved in real time,"said George Colony, Forrester's CEO, in a statement. "It's no longer enough to survey customers and fix problems days or weeks after the fact. And today's CX measurement tools aren't sufficient. Companies are lacking two things: true, in-the-moment feedback and proactive, actionable guidance. That's why Forrester developed FeedbackNow 2.0 — so that companies can listen and respond to feedback immediately and understand which CX investments will have the biggest impact on their businesses."

FeedbackNow 2.0's real-time feedback collection expands on FeedbackNow 1.0, which generates more than 350,000 votes per day worldwide. Forrester acquired FeedbackNow in June 2018.

With FeedbackNow 2.0, users can do the following:

  • ?Unify digital and physical experiences using in-moment feedback to identify areas of inconsistent CX.
  • Activate CX across customer-facing channels and arm front-line management and teams to proactively respond to customer feedback.
  • Focus on the experiences with the greatest customer and financial impact while also continually optimizing CX strategy and customer service operations using Forreste's proprietary CX principles.

"Customer experience is stuck in neutral," according to Colony, who noted in a recent blog post that even the best companies are having a hard time moving it forward.

"Few large corporations have implemented real-time CX," he said. "Most are still in the survey and pray mode, leading to retrospective efforts with negligible impact"

Further complicating things, he added, "demanding customers are no longer satisfied with experiences that change at glacial speed. They are coming to expect that CX will be continuously improving weekly, daily, or in the moment. They can't understand why they give feedback in surveys or follow-on emails or pop-ups and nothing changes.

"The next frontier in CX is real time. Companies must have the ability to monitor experience now and improve experience now," he added.

"Knowing that a customer is frustrated and relieving that frustration immediately will win big points. These unexpected moments will delight customers and strengthen brand loyalty," Colony argued.

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