• August 2, 2012

Fiitfu Adds Features to Its CRM Solution

Fiitfu has added new calendaring and search capabilities to its Fiitfu CRM solution.

"One of our goals is to listen to our clients needs when we have our one on one tutorials with them," said Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher, CEO of Fiitfu, in a statement. "Our customers have the best suggestions, so this month we introduced two new features that our customers were looking for."

Fiitfu has always allowed its users to see upcoming follow ups for clients on both client portfolios but as well on their Follow Up Calendar. However, now all follow ups for the year can be seen on each client profile for quick reference without having to search through the Fiitfu Follow Up Calendar.

Fiitfu has also launched the ability to search for clients based on the date of last entry or activity within a client profile. "Fiitfu has so many ways in which you can search for clients. From first name, last name, phone number, or company they work for, to status, interest, event they have been to, or who they were referred by, but you can also now search for your clients based on the last time you have worked on their account," Mehlenbacher said. "We listened to our clients' needs, and we are proud to introduce all the new features that we implement. We just keep getting better all the time!"

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