• October 3, 2011

Extraprise Releases New i2i Marketing Service

Extraprise, a provider of revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises, today announced its new i2i Marketing Services.

The i2i Marketing Services are packaged and priced to meet a client's demand generation needs based on their marketing objectives. The demand generation services range from driving more effective lead nurturing to customer intelligence-based multichannel, multistage marketing campaigns. The packages include Nurturing i2i, Analytics i2i, Corporate i2i, and Enterprise i2i. With the exception of Nurturing i2i, each of the packages includes sophisticated customer intelligence capabilities to drive multichannel marketing campaigns that optimize revenue at the right time, in the right place, and with the right offer at any stage of the customer life cycle.

"Database marketing has often been viewed as costly, complex and confusing, preventing many companies, except the largest and most sophisticated ones, from using them. Our new i2i Marketing Services significantly alter the demand generation landscape by making it far simpler, less risky, faster, and less costly to drive revenue performance by bringing together sophisticated database marketing, customer intelligence, and multichannel marketing in flexible packages tailored to meet any client's budget and needs," said Chris Baribeau, director of account services at Extraprise. "Whether companies are emerging in their industry or are perennial industry leaders, we've packaged and priced i2i Marketing Services the way B2B and B2C marketing organizations buy and use their marketing automation and CRM solutions today."

i2i Marketing Services is comprised of four packages:

  • Nurturing i2i is an entry point to create rapid marketing automation to produce sales-ready leads in just three to four weeks. It is focused on lead nurturing and qualification using multitouch, trigger-based email marketing. Scoring, qualifying, and distribution of leads are included.
  • Analytics i2i is designed to produce game-changing insights into optimizing revenue through multichannel marketing campaigns in just four to six weeks. Providing customer intelligence through a stand-alone or integrated analytic engine, Analytics i2i will expose valuable insights into your business and customers that can be applied across your marketing activities.
  • Corporate i2i is a comprehensive lead generation and lead nurturing solution that spans marketing data management, customer intelligence, and multichannel marketing campaigns for every stage of the customer life cycle. Fully integrated with the client's marketing automation and CRM systems, Corporate i2i provides a closed-loop marketing and sales system in less than 90 days.
  • Enterprise i2i is a very scalable demand generation solution, designed for much more complex client requirements, involving very large data sets from an unlimited number of online and offline sources, customized and complex lead scoring and distribution, and sophisticated customer intelligence-based multichannel marketing campaigns.

By starting with Nurturing i2iand then adding Analytics i2i, or by starting with Corporate i2i, clients can add sophistication and additional capabilities as their businesses grow and their marketing maturity evolves. Every i2i Marketing Service comes with Extraprise's Guaranteed Success Program, which provides a money-back guarantee to ensure client satisfaction.

"It's amazing how our guarantee of success changes the entire relationship with our clients. It makes both of us focus on the end goal, which is a difficult one as it is," said Michael Shanker, CEO and co-founder of Extraprise.

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