• September 14, 2011

ExactTarget Launches New Interactive Marketing Hub

ExactTarget, a provider of interactive marketing tools, today unveiled its expanded suite of interactive marketing products, providing marketers new cloud-based solutions to plan, create, automate, and measure interactive marketing campaigns in real time.

Built on the ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub, the new applications extend the capabilities of the company's cross-channel marketing platform with drag-and-drop automation across email, mobile, Facebook and Twitter and a framework for third-party application development.

"We are in a new era of marketing—one of an incredibly empowered cross-channel consumer who is interacting with brands via email, Twitter, Facebook, mobile, and the Web, all from the phones they carry in their purses or pockets,said Scott Dorsey, ExactTarget's cofounder and CEO. "Marketers must move quickly and embrace the real-time reality of this new era or risk finding themselves and their brands irrelevant."

The expanded suite of interactive marketing products and technologies includes the following:

  • Audience Builder—which allows marketers to consolidate, analyze, and take action on customer data in real time through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create targeted audiences for campaigns across email, mobile, social media, and the Web.
  • Automation Studio—which adds drag-and-drop automation to plan and power messages across email, mobile, social, or Web campaigns based on consumer behavior, time, or custom attributes.
  • Campaign Management—which expands central campaign planning and calendaring capabilities to coordinate channels using a single integrated storyboard that dynamically links campaigns on email, mobile, Twitter, Facebook, Web, and offline channels.
  • HubExchange—which opens ExactTarget's interactive marketing platform for select third-party application development and innovation. The first applications available include Marketo's lead management application and Klout's social influence data application.
  • Integrated Reporting—which expands real-time Pulse dashboard reporting to provide cross-channel analytics and campaign performance measurement and ROI analysis.
  • MobileConnect—which expands ExactTarget's mobile application with messaging templates, automation, cross-channel execution, campaign management and real-time analytics.
  • Report Builder—which provides a new data discovery and customizable reporting application that enables marketers to explore engagement metrics and channel preferences.
  • SocialPages—which adds new Facebook page creation and campaign management capabilities with integrated analytics and real-time engagement features.
  • Protected By ExactTarget—which adds enterprise WatchDog functionality to provide users real-time monitoring and alerting of account activity and customizable access controls.

"The level of innovation we are delivering is unprecedented, and, most importantly, provides marketers the solutions they need to connect in real time with today's empowered consumer," said Scott McCorkle, ExactTarget's chief operating officer. "Marketers must embrace the three new tenants of marketing: create a common view of the consumer across all channels, interact in real time, and embrace the reality of cross-channel marketing.

"With today's product launches, we are defining a new era in marketing and leading the industry by providing the most powerful, flexible solution to help organizations market to the power of one," McCorkle said.

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