• May 10, 2013

ExactTarget Expands Its Platform Tools

Digital marketing software-as-a-service provider ExactTarget this week launched its expanded suite of platform tools and programs, providing new software development kits to accelerate third-party app development for its Interactive Marketing Hub.

Delivered on ExactTarget's Fuel software-as-a-service platform, the expanded suite of platform integration services includes the following:

  • Fuel Software Development Kits (SDKs) that provide native-language access to ExactTarget's API Family, including REST and SOAP API services, in PHP, Ruby and Python, with Java and .NET support to be available later this year;
  • MobilePush SDKs that support iOS and Android app integration, managing all communication to and from ExactTarget to register a given mobile device and receive push notifications;
  • Code@, ExactTarget's online developer community that offers access to SDKs, deep links to sample code on GitHub, documentation, and developer forums for app development support;
  • App Center, which provides online registration and a centralized development console; and
  • Fuel UX, which provides a suite of user interface controls and components, including data-bound composite controls.

"With these new platform tools, developers can rapidly accelerate innovation and deliver new digital marketing innovations on the ExactTarget platform to serve the world's leading B-to-B and B-to-C brands," said Scott McCorkle, ExactTarget's president of technology and strategy, in a statement. "ExactTarget is pioneering a new era of marketing app innovation and extending our capabilities with a seamless experience within the Interactive Marketing Hub."

Dozens of clients, technology partners, and developers are currently developing applications using ExactTarget's expanded suite of integration services. The company is expected to make these applications available to clients later this year when it launches the HubExchange app marketplace. Applications currently being developed extend native ExactTarget functionality with new third-party integrations, analytics, and additional digital marketing innovations.

"With the launch of HubExchange, we will deliver the industry's first enterprise digital marketing app marketplace that makes it easy for both marketers and developers to extend the ExactTarget platform," said Ian Murdock, vice president of platforms at ExactTarget, in a statement. "By advancing our integration capabilities and opening HubExchange, we will accelerate innovation and create a new economy for entrepreneurs and developers to introduce game-changing technologies."

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