• May 7, 2012

Evolve24 Rolls Out Mirror 2.0 Platform

Evolve24, a business analytics and research firm owned by Maritz Research Company, recently introduced its next generation platform, Mirror 2.0, and expanded its group of analysts to help businesses better leverage social media intelligence to gain insights and anticipate risk.

Mirror 2.0 uses emotional index scores to prioritize social media data and identify risks and future trends in the data. The tool allows companies to identify issues related to reputation, consumer opinion, brand, and public perception.

"Most approaches to social media intelligence require that you know what you're looking for and [that you]input a litany of keywords," said Steve Sigman, managing director of evolve24 and senior vice president of Maritz Research, in a statement. "However, with the Mirror 2.0 platform, we use machine learning to sort and tag all incoming data, which allows the data to tell the story by uncovering the 'unknown unknowns.'"

Key features include:

  • An interactive dashboard: Data and analysis are displayed through an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Global reach: Evolve24 collects both social and traditional media in more than 30 languages.
  • Actionable insights: Instead of sentiment scores, Mirror 2.0 uses an algorithm to identify emotional drivers such as trustworthiness, dread, and uncertainty across the social media landscape.
  • Discover 24: A multifaceted search feature delivers related material for context.
  • Integration: Because evolve24 is part of Maritz Research, Mirror 2.0 can incorporate offline research methodologies such as customer satisfaction surveys.

In addition, evolve24 offers professionals from several industries, including automotive, consumer packaged goods, technology, retail, and banking, to help clients interpret findings and understand the impact issues may have in the future.

Based in Fenton, MO, Maritz Research acquired evolve24 for an undisclosed amount in 2010. As part of a new multiyear, multimillion-dollar expansion, evolve24 plans to roll out Mirror 2.0 product enhancements every two months, according to a company statement.

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