• January 17, 2012

Epicor Releases New Clienteling App to Enhance Retailer-Customer Interactions

Epicor Software, a provider of business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services organizations, today announced the availability of its new mobile app, Epicor Retail Clienteling for tablet devices. It delivers critical customer insight from the retailer’s CRM database directly into the hands of sales associates engaging with customers as they move throughout the store.

The solution is the newest advancement in the company’s retail CRM software suite. It allows retailers to leverage customer information from previous interactions on the web or in-store to better engage the customer and create a more personalized experience. Clienteling provides visibility to the customer’s patterns, history, and habits based on information constantly gathered within a live, multichannel customer database. Critical customer data is no longer confined to the back-office computer, and no longer can exit with sales associates upon their departure. Retail employees are liberated from the point of sale (POS) and free to move with the customer to ensure all needs are addressed.

Epicor Retail Clienteling provides retailers with a tool to help enrich client interactions and drive sales, improving the in-store shopping experience by providing the following:

  • Customer Details in an Instant: Leveraging tablet devices, sales associates can support a rich personalized and interactive in-store experience with a few keystrokes. Clienteling quickly accesses the customer’s purchase history, and arms the sales associate with a host of options to cross-sell, up-sell and strengthen customer engagement.
  • Uninterrupted Customer Interaction: Associates no longer have to step away from shoppers to check status at the terminal; instead they can provide responsive customer service while remaining by the customer’s side. Appointments can also be scheduled without having to break the flow of the associate-shopper dialogue/interaction.
  • Virtual Closet-aided Styling: Associates have the ability to virtually access through rich on- screen imagery items the customer has purchased from the brand in the past. By pulling up visuals on the tablet device, the associate can make specific and highly relevant product recommendations that extend, enhance, and smartly accessorize the client’s previous purchases.
  • Accurate Data Capture: The solution also supports streamlined and more accurate data capture, as clients can enter data on the device themselves or validate information on the tablet before exiting the store. A translator feature also enables retailers to eliminate language barriers by adjusting data views to the shopper’s native tongue.

"Clienteling is today's killer app that takes existing customer information to new levels, enabling retailers to build closer customer relationships while boosting the bottom line," said Paul Salsgiver, executive vice president and general manager of retail software at Epicor.

"Epicor Retail Clienteling allows retailers to provide a much higher level of personalized service to each consumer, offering compelling information about shoppers as soon as they step into the store," said Ian Rawlins, vice president of marketing for retail software at Epicor. "Having an understanding of a customer's specific style, sizes and preferences enables retailers to foster richer, more successful sales engagements that encourage customers to return through the doors to again be part of an ultra- personalized shopping experience."

Epicor this week also introduced Epicor Eagle Release 21 business management system for small to midsized businesses. Release 21 of Epicor Eagle features a new technology stack to deliver a higher degree of sophistication in features and functionality. New and improved access to real-time performance data and streamlined inventory planning tools support improved speed and accuracy of decision making for better business performance. Additional new functionality supports enterprise mobility and streamlined checkouts for improved customer service.

"The advanced technology architecture in Release 21 delivers powerful business management functionality that businesses and retailers need to be agile, strategic, and to compete against big-box competitors, and represents a significant leapfrogging of competitive offerings," Salsgiver said in a statement.

New functionality includes:

  • Epicor Eagle Performance Manager: Provides dynamic, real-time graphical views of business information via dashboards, scorecards, and reports for “at-a-glance” monitoring of operations.
  • Epicor Eagle Inventory Planner: Analyzing sales data and leveraging a forecasting utility, Epicor Eagle Inventory Planner supports improved inventory management by synchronizing supply and demand for reduced stock outs/overstocks and lower carrying costs. 
  • Epicor Eagle POS Touch: POS Touch brings four tools to the sales counter: a touchscreen terminal, a consumer display, a biometric fingerprint reader for instantaneous log in, and digital receipt functionality. The Epicor Eagle POS Touch tools can be purchased separately or collectively.
  • Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager: Supporting iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android mobile devices, Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager provides anytime access to up-to-the-minute metrics and inventory, sales, and customer information. Managers can receive alerts and respond to override requests from any location.
  • Epicor Eagle Mobile POS: Streamlines the shopping experience by bringing the register to the customer. This wireless checkout solution brings line-busting to the sales floor, enabling sales associates to assist customers from the aisle.

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