• March 27, 2012

Empirix Unveils VoIP Network Analytics for Contact Centers and Unified Communications

Empirix yesterday released the Empirix xCentrix VoIP and Media Analysis Package, a software package for identifying and predicting key customer, service, and operational trends in voice over IP (VoIP) networks, contact centers and unified communications (UC) infrastructures.

The package transforms data into key metrics and intelligence that deliver significant value for companies looking to provide a better user experience, communicate more efficiently, find new opportunities to profit and realize the full value of their technology investments.

"Customer care and marketing professionals already know how important speech and data analytics are for promoting good customer experience, but they have yet to link analysis of network data to customer care objectives," said Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research. "Empirix xCentrix VoIP and Media Analysis Package helps executives understand the VoIP traffic flowing through their networks, customer care resources, and contact centers to identify and address the issues that impact customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability."

The VoIP and Media Analysis Package provides enterprises with specialized VoIP call quality, errors and traffic analyses, as well as customer, destination, network element, and carrier metrics delivered via the Empirix xCentrix network analytics platform. It intelligently correlates key data points and provides reports that enable users to evaluate performance and trends from many perspectives. For more free-form analysis, Empirix xCentrix includes a Web-based interface for drilling into micro events for root cause analysis or layering multiple data points and KPIs to reveal hidden trends. It quickly manipulates large volumes of data and presents it in a way that is insightful for users across all departments and job functions.

Empirix xCentrix VoIP and Media Analysis Package offers visibility and a deeper understanding of a wide range of issues, including the following:

  • Contact center performance, especially as it relates to high value customer interactions;
  • Cost control options, including least cost routing and resource optimization as companies evolve;
  • How infrastructure investments can best enhance user experience and alleviate bottlenecks;
  • Opportunities for proactively correcting issues before they can impact customers and performance;
  • Conditions that degrade voice and media quality; and
  • Interoperability problems in complex, multi-vendor environments.

"As businesses seek a better understanding of their communications infrastructure and its impact on users, they're being overwhelmed by the complexities inherent in deriving meaning from the sheer volume of data points at their disposal," said Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing at Empirix, in a statement. "With the Empirix xCentrix VoIP and Media Analysis Package, we are arming our customers with the insight they need to obtain maximum value from their communications investments. By providing a more intuitive way to interact with data, Empirix is unlocking new possibilities, enabling these organizations to operate more efficiently and design innovative business models that attract customers and edge competitors."

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