• June 26, 2012

Emanio Launches Updated iPhone and iPad Apps

Emanio today released its free iPhone and iPad dashboarding and reporting applications. Designed to work with Emanio's Context! business intelligence platform, the iOS applications take full advantage of Apple's gesture-based operating system.

"Our latest release brings the power of business intelligence to the mobile device in a seamless and intuitive way," said Walter Paliska, Emaniuo's vice president of marketing and analytics, in a statement. "The new apps leverage the strengths of both the iOS platform as well as of Emanio's 100 percent browser-based dashboarding system."

Emanio's dashboarding applications allow users to log into their dashboards remotely and interact with every chart and dashboard as they would at their desk. Because Emanio's system does not require any chart reformatting or any special server software, it's a solution that is ideal for both consumers of information as well as the IT organization that supports them.

"The combination of Context! and the new iOS apps really provides a great deal of power to end users while placing no undue financial or technological hardship on the IT department," Paliska said. "It is one of the best fulfillments of our motto of work without boundaries."

Emanio's iPhone and iPad applications are available through the App store and can be downloaded completely free of charge by Context! users. Emanio provides a sample data connection to allow potential customers to interact with sample reports and dashboards to test the apps and explore the benefits of the apps.

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