• December 12, 2012

EMC Teaming Up with Knotice to Power Data Management and Actionable Analytics

EMC is joining forces with Knotice, a provider of data management, analytics and digital messaging solutions, to increase the speed and performance of actionable analytics and reporting for Knotice's customers, while also providing the scalability needed to match Knotice's rapid growth trajectory for data management.

The power, speed, flexibility and effectiveness of the Greenplum data solution will also improve the overall efficiency of Knotice's Universal Profile Management system, accelerating processing times to seconds for audience selection and analysis.

The Knotice solution, which previously ran on Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise, will now be powered by the EMC Greenplum Database-a massively parallel processing (MPP) database built to support the next-generation of big data warehousing and analytics, and capable of storing and analyzing petabytes of data. As a result, Knotice can now accommodate a virtually unlimited volume of site-side and Web-wide data. Other products used include EMC DCA to deliver a fast loading, highly scalable, data co-processing platform for bg data analytics and EMC Data Domain for rapid data backup and quick recovery.

Now nearing completion, Knotice's migration to the Greenplum platform represents an aggressive investment by Knotice in the proliferation of data that will result in much greater capability of Knotice's data management and digital marketing offerings. These advanced capabilities will allow marketers to do more with their data even faster.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Knotice in what is sure to be a game-changer for their customers," said Michael Howard, vice president of marketing at EMC, in a statement. "The Greenplum platform will allow Knotice to easily scale while introducing unmatched performance gains for managing vast amounts of site-wide and web-side data on behalf of its clients. Audience selection queries for their end-users will take seconds instead of minutes, and their product offerings will evolve to provide greater strategic value to their customers, thus making for stickier partnerships and more robust business growth."

"This partnership with Greenplum allows us to support the data intake initiatives of our customers in terms of data storage and overall efficiency of processing," said Brian Deagan, CEO and co-founder of Knotice, in the statement. "Our legacy solution has done the job for us as we grew from start-up status, but it's time to upgrade both our performance and capacity. Greenplum is a perfect fit for us as a partner, not just because of its faster, higher performing and more flexible data warehousing product, but also because of its viability, product roadmap, cultural alignment, and commitment to and treatment of its customers."

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