• October 12, 2012

Demandware Integrates with Facebook and Google+

Demandware, a provider of on-demand ecommerce, today announced the availability of new social plug-ins from Demandware Labs to simplify and accelerate the integration of a retailer's ecommerce site with Facebook and Google+.

Through these social integrations with the Demandware Commerce platform, retailers can create a more interactive and personalized shopping experience for consumers, while retaining complete control over their brand representations in consumers' social media activity.

The new plug-ins allow retailers to more quickly and easily leverage the capabilities of Facebook Open Graph, Facebook Check-In and the Google +1 Button as part of their social commerce strategy. They offer the following capabilities:

  • Facebook Open Graph-Retailers can have their products and content become part of a consumer's Facebook presence or "social graph." By clicking customized Facebook sharing buttons on a retailer's Web site (such as "Like," "Want," "Purchased") consumers trigger an update to their Facebook Timelines, App Views, News Feeds, and/or Tickers, for their networks to see. With the Demandware plug-in, retailers maintain control over brand expressions with the ability to aggregate actions, integrate into Facebook search, and target advertising to Facebook members.
  • Facebook Check-In-Retailers integrating Facebook Check-Ins with their ecommerce sites can create personalized, engaging, and seamless cross-channel experiences when a consumer is both in the store and online. The Demandware plug-in enables retailers to fully customize their check-in experiences and use check-ins in combination with loyalty or reward programs.
  • The Google +1 Button-Retailers can improve search engine optimization and spread the word about their products and services via their consumers' Google+ circles. When a consumer clicks a +1 button on a product detail page, members of his circles will see the recommendation in their Google search results, improving the retailer's overall SEO.

These new social plug-ins, along with the already-established Pinterest, Wordpress, and Facebook Shop integrations, provide Demandware clients with further openness and innovation on top of the Demandware Commerce platform.

"Facebook and Google+ are becoming ever more important components of a retailer's social commerce strategy, but many are still trying to figure out how to best leverage and tap into its millions of members," said Jamus Driscoll, senior vice president of marketing at Demandware, in a statement. "These innovations from Demandware Labs provide our clients with easy access to the tools that will help them reach consumers on their social networks, creating a foundation for ongoing social commerce growth."

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