• November 11, 2020

Demandbase Unveils Demandbase One ABM Platform

Account-based marketing technologies provider Demandbase today launched Demandbase One, which brings together Demandbase and Engagio technologies to help B2B revenue teams find and prioritize target accounts, engage them across channels, and close deals. Demandbase acquired Engagio in June.

By combining proprietary data, third-party data, and company first-party data, Demandbase One gives revenue teams a complete view of their customers and prospects at every stage of the buying journey. And with sophisticated artificial intelligence, Demandbase One can clearly direct teams to the accounts that will most likely convert to pipeline and ultimately, become valuable customers.

"The B2B world is changing more quickly than ever. Digital transformation has accelerated, buyer journeys are more complex, and the decision-makers in purchases are more difficult to reach. But B2B technology hasn't kept up," said Gabe Rogol, CEO of Demandbase, in a statement. "Demandbase One represents a giant leap forward for marketing and sales teams and their ability to effectively manage the modern customer journey and scale for significant growth. We have built a platform that will truly transform the way B2B organizations do business today and in the future."

Demandbase One helps companies build an adaptive account-based foundation with a single view of accounts, find accounts that are in-market and understand their complex buying journeys, engage with accounts by responding to real-time behavior across multiple channels, and close more business by aligning marketing and sales teams.

The Demandbase One product suite includes the following:

  • The Demandbase ABM Platform, powered by AI, proprietary data, and integrations with first-party systems like CRM and marketing automation, which uses predictive analytics to find and prioritize accounts that are actively looking to buy, provides a consolidated view of accounts, and measures the impact and effectiveness of account-based programs.
  • Advertising, which helps marketing ans sales teams deliver personalized ads to reach target accounts.
  • Personalization, which helps create tailored experiences for target accounts visiting company websites.
  • Orchestration, which helps drive more meaningful interactions using multichannel, cross-departmental plays, and complex audience segmentation at scale.
  • Attribution, which lets companies use multitouch attribution to measure marketing ROI and see which programs are moving the pipeline and revenue needle.

"One thing I'm incredibly proud of is the speed at which we were able to integrate our platforms to deliver Demandbase One," said Jon Miller, chief product officer at Demandbase, in a statement. "But we didn't cut any corners. In fact, while we are a new Demandbase, we didn't have to build new capabilities to deliver the leading ABM platform, we just had to combine the existing best-in-class functionality from each company, which is exactly what we've done."

"There are many questions you can ask to understand what a customer or prospect is interested in based on their behavior," said Emily Ketchum, director of global marketing operations at Fuze, an early adopter of Demandbase One, in a statement. "What are they doing on the web? How are they responding to marketing programs? Are they engaging with marketing automation tools? Are they in our nurture streams? Demandbase brings all of this information together in one place, making it seamless to consume that data and understand who's engaged and what they're interested in. I haven't seen any other platform that lets you do that."

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