• October 2, 2013

Demandbase Launches Premium Feature for Social Media Advertising

Demandbase, the targeting and personalization platform for B2B, launched a premium feature enabling B2B advertisers to reach companies and their business buyers on social platforms with its access to Facebook inventory.

Demandbase's proprietary Company-Targeted Advertising solution allows B2B advertisers to target the companies and key stakeholders involved in purchasing decisions, and now with the addition of Facebook inventory, they can extend that reach to the leading social media platform during key working hours.

Demandbase's social media targeting offers B2B advertisers a programmatic way to deliver personalized display ads to these business stakeholders on Facebook, in addition to other properties, at the times when purchasing discussions are most likely happening.

With Facebook, advertisers can leverage Demandbase's Company-Targeted Advertising solution to deliver highly relevant ads to their target accounts, measure engagement by those same companies, personalize the message, and achieve full campaign integration. Demandbase allows advertisers to target key companies based on their business attributes within the social network rather than just personal connections or preferences. Businesses can re-engage with these key accounts across the entire sales cycle, from prospects to existing customers, all delivered programmatically.

"Advertisers are missing out on a valuable opportunity to market to businesses across multiple social channels, reaching the millions of executives who are also on social sites while at work on Facebook, at the very moment when they are making important business decisions," said Greg Ott, chief marketing officer at Demandbase, in a statement. "Until now, business marketers have targeted Facebook users based on Likes, posts, connections, or past Web activity, but this isn't the most effective way to reach the accounts that are likely to convert. Now, B2B marketers can layer Company-Targeted Advertising on the Facebook ad platform, targeting only the companies they want to focus on."

Demandbase can directly target Facebook ads to those dream accounts by identifying the company of a Facebook visitor based on business attributes associated with a company's IP address, such as company name, industry size, revenue, and much more. Without the use of cookies or other tracking mechanisms, Demandbase enables B2B advertisers interested in reaching specific businesses to identify prospects and deliver targeted messages within Facebook. Doing so gives advertisers the ability to focus and control the message within social media for a corporate decision maker, versus an individual who might not be interested in a certain product or service. Current Demandbase customers include Adobe, Brocade, Box, Dell, HP, Informatica, Visa, and more.

The social media premium feature for Facebook will be available to Demandbase Company-Targeted Advertising customers later this year.

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