• July 24, 2012

DataRPM Announces "Instant Analytics" for Everyone

DataRPM has just completed 18 months of development to launch its product, a self-service plug-and-play business analytics solution that is guaranteed to go live in 30 days.

Dubbed "Instant Analytics," the product enables users to mashup data from any source, slice and dice data, build ad hoc reports, publish dynamic dashboards, and collaborate among stake holders to make informed decisions. The venture has flown under the radar until this week when co-founder and CEO Sundeep Sanghavi gained an angel round of funding to quickly expand DataRPM and its market reach.

"Business intelligence and analytics customers are demanding quick ROI and much simpler solution. Implementations spread out over months or years will no longer be tolerated," Sanghavi said in a statement "Market is ready for a cloud-based analytics solution that comes with a small price tag, rapid deployment, and flexibility, and provides customers with tangible and immediate value."

DataRPM came through the research and development efforts of serial entrepreneurs, technologists, and co-founders Gautam Shyamantak, former technical architect at Trigo, which was acquired by IBM; and Ruban Phukan, former data scientist at Yahoo and co-founder of Bixee, acquired by ibibo. Together the duo invented a proprietary data processing methodology inspired from search-based and big data technologies on top of elastic cloud architecture.

"We were tasked with a very complex challenge of innovating a cloud based analytics solution that can be used by everyone, must be implemented in less than 30 days, affordable to everyone, yet scale for big data." says Shyamantak. "So Phukan and I had to use a radical approach to design an innovative instant analytics technology stack that can support high volume data mash ups from any source, provide real-time responses to ad-hoc queries and scale massively and horizontally in commodity hardware."

"In today's business environment, it is imperative to implement a metrics based management system, whereby proactive decisions are made based on meaningful and relevant data. DataRPM provides the platform and foundation through a plug and play analytics solution that can be implemented rapidly at a fraction of the cost." says Haresh Bhungalia, co-founder of 2020 Company, an early adapter of DataRPM. "DataRPM is ideal for any organization, department, analyst that wants to manage performance and optimize operations through business analytics."

"Businesses of all sizes are now competing in a world flooded with information. The winners will be the ones that can make the most sense from all the data mashed up together... and do it the fastest," says Sanghavi. "Analytics is not just for large companies anymore. Small companies need to analyze data too."

Besides its direct-to-customer "Instant Analytics" offering, DataRPM is in discussions with several potential Cloud OEM partners, which are looking to integrate business analytics into their existing SaaS solutions for a quick go to market strategy and cost effective solution.

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