• November 8, 2013

CustomerCount Adds Device Detection Capabilities

Mobius Vendor Partners has added another upgrade to its CustomerCount online enterprise customer feedback management system to enable device recognition for mobile devices and traditional desktop computers.

CustomerCount collects and measures customer feedback through branded, customized surveys formulated to measure the quality of the entire customer experience. The Web-based surveys are available in 30 languages. The upgraded app can recognize the device type and size the survey accordingly so the respondent doesn't have to shrink it or open it to make it larger or otherwise adjust the size.

Bob Kobek, president of Mobius Vendor Partners, says 12 percent of the people who respond to the company's surveys do so on devices other than desktop computers. The upgrade, he hopes, will increase response rates by at least 5 percent.

"Now that we have integrated the technology to make CustomerCount compatible with smartphones and tablets, our users can access their data not just 24/7 but from anywhere," Kobek said in a statement. "Our goal is to ensure companies stay connected with owners and guests and stay ahead of the competition by gathering real-time, actionable direct feedback from customers about both company and product performance.

"With our new technology CustomerCount is fully functional and responsive with accessibility via most any electronics, whether it be a desktop computer or iPhone and everything in between," he continued. "Real data is available no matter if you are on the golf course, on a business trip, or in your home office. With our new text search capabilities and mobile access, we are ready to deliver our service anytime, anywhere."

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