• October 19, 2011

Crowd Factory Introduces Advanced Analytics for Social Campaigns

Crowd Factory, a provider of crowd-powered marketing applications, has added advanced analytics capabilities to the Crowd Factory Social Marketing Suite to help marketers measure ROI on social campaigns. New metrics now available in the suite will allow marketers to better assess the virality of their campaigns and measure the impact of social sharing on overall traffic and conversions. These new metrics will also allow marketers to understand how much earned media was generated through their paid campaigns.

New social metrics now available for Crowd Factory campaigns include the following:

  • Social Reach and Social Impressions: showing how many people were exposed to their campaigns through social sharing. They can also see the number of potential views from these shares by monitoring "social impressions."
  • Share Rate: providing a precise measure of campaign virality, showing what percentage of campaign visits generate a share.
  • Clickback Rate: showing the percentage of people who actually clicked on the shared content.
  • Influencers: showing how many people generated a visit from their sharing activities and the social reach and social impressions attributable to an individual influencer.
  • Social Lift: showing how much impact social sharing had on overall campaign traffic by showing what percentage of people who visited a Web site or campaign came as a result of receiving shared content.
  • Total Profiles: providing insights into how many people completed social actions and how many social profiles were generated from all Crowd Factory social campaigns.

PR Newswire, which was recently ranked the top source of socially shared content among news distribution services, uses Crowd Factory to enable social sharing of client press releases, as well as to track how they are shared across multiple social channels. Tapping into the new analytics capabilities offered by Crowd Factory, PR Newswire has found that social sharing of releases generates more than 2 million impressions per month.

"Crowd Factory's analytics have not only helped us understand how many people are sharing our clients' content, but also when releases are most frequently shared, what types of content generate the most social activity, and which social channels drive the most clickbacks," said Ken Dowell, executive vice president of PR Newswire. "The new data offers additional insight into the social reach of the content, allowing us to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the overall impact of client releases."

"In order to measure ROI on social campaigns, you must first understand how many people were exposed to your campaign, how much earned media was generated, and how much the campaign directly contributed to your end goals, such as driving Web traffic, increasing sales, or building a social database. These new analytics capabilities provide an unparalleled level of insights into the metrics that drive social ROI," said Sanjay Dholakia, CEO of Crowd Factory. "While Crowd Factory is known for offering innovative social marketing solutions that deliver results, we're also leading the market when it comes to helping marketers measure the effectiveness of their campaigns."

The Crowd Factory Social Marketing Suite is a set of enterprise-grade social marketing applications that allow companies to embed social elements into any marketing experience, including videos, email, registration pages, ecommerce sites, ads, and more, with built-in analytics to track, measure, and optimize these programs in real time. Crowd Factory provides marketers with an integrated, cross-channel approach to social engagement that spans their entire online presence and can be measured all the way through to conversion.

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