• January 23, 2012

Conversocial Releases Priority Response Engine

Conversocial, a provider of social media tools for brands seeking to improve their customer service on Facebook and Twitter, has released its latest automated prioritization system, the Priority Response Engine (PRE), for use in social customer service.

This new and updated version of the company's software-as-a-service (SaaS) is designed to increase the ability of brands to respond to customer comments in a timely manner and make existing customer service agents and CRM tools more productive by prioritizing tweets, wall posts, and comments.

Priority Response Engine includes the following:

  • Customer Service Prioritization: Textual and social interaction analytics to automatically flag comments and tweets requiring immediate attention, enabling social customer service agents to respond to customers faster.
  • Tagging: Comments and tweets can be instantly categorized; combined with sentiment tracking this allows deep insight into the type and level of conversations and enables marketing, customer service. and product feedback teams to work effectively together.
  • History: All social customer information, conversation history, connected tags, and sentiment can now be viewed in one place by agents before responding, increasing the quality of service provided.
  • Facebook in Real-Time: Conversocial integrates with Facebook's new API, which allows the tool to retrieve and filter Facebook comments and posts in real time.

According to Conversocial analysis conducted during the holiday season, of more than 250,000 customer comments via social media, approximately 90 percent of posts on Facebook and Twitter can be processed automatically, while 10 percent are time-sensitive and require an individually tailored response from customer service agents.;

PRE is specifically designed to identify explicit customer service issues frequently hidden in more general comments. Conversocial's prioritization software helps ensure that the most appropriate and immediate action is then taken and can also designate those items that require a lower priority.

"PRE is the latest tool that allows us to stay one step ahead of customer demands on Facebook and Twitter," said Jardel Appelt, head of social media at BrandsClub, the largest e-commerce fashion company in Brazil. "We can now identify important issues quickly and deliver fast responses to our customers' queries. Without Conversocial, it would be much harder for us to stay on top of customer service in social media so efficiently, and many issues would likely be lost amongst general conversation."

In preparation for this product launch, Conversocial conducted a review of comments received by the world's largest retailer, Walmart. In the run up to Christmas, Walmart published a question on its Facebook page asking its 11 million fans what they wanted from Santa Claus. That post generated more than 5,500 comments in under 24 hours, ranging from requests for new houses and cars to peace on earth and cures for various ailments. Among these comments were many genuine customer service questions and complaints Walmart failed to flag and respond to.

Research commissioned by Conversocial and unveiled last month indicated that 88 percent of consumers are less likely to buy from companies who leave complaints on social media unanswered. The survey also indicated that 78 percent of consumers are likely to use social media for customer service issues.

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