• March 20, 2012

Constant Contact Announces New Scan-to-Join Feature

Constant Contact today released Scan-to-Join, a tool that helps small businesses and nonprofits grow their email lists and reach more customers, members, and donors. With just a few clicks of a mouse, Constant Contact customers can now create a QR code and mobile sign-up form, allowing people to sign up and receive promotions, news, coupons, and more on any mobile device.

"Scan-to-Join really enables our small business customers to benefit from mobile technology. Their customers and prospects can now join their email lists with a simple scan, right then and there, whether they are in a store, at an event, or even just happen to see the QR code on a business card or flyer," said Jim Garretson, manager of Constant Contact Labs, in a statement. "This is an exciting new feature because it provides our customers with a really creative way to grow their lists and changes the way people can sign up to stay connected with their favorite businesses or organizations."

In addition to generating a QR code and a sign-up form built to render on any mobile device, users can save the QR code to their computers so they can place the images on their business cards, brochures, and anywhere else. Users can also create marketing flyers that contain the QR codes, and choose a design, create a personalized message, and download the flyer as a PDF file so they can either save it or print it to put on display.

Scan-to-Join was the grand prize winner of Constant Contact's second annual Innovation Day, a day where all employees across the organization are encouraged to bring their best ideas and spend time working with a cross-functional group of their peers to take their ideas to the next level. After a company vote of the top five projects, Scan-to-Join was awarded the top prize and team members were given time to continue working on enhancements, with the goal of eventually making its way into the product.

"Innovation is a huge part of the culture at Constant Contact, beyond even the 24-hour period that we dedicate to it during our annual Innovation Day," Garretson said. "Our employees have so many great ideas and are truly passionate and dedicated to bringing them to life to deliver value to our small business customers. Scan-to-Join is a great example of something that started as an idea, came to fruition, and as a result, actually made its way into the product in just six months."

Scan-to-Join is currently available for free to Constant Contact customers.

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