• February 7, 2002

Connect-Care, First Genesis Team Up

CRM software developer Connect-Care and consulting firm First Genesis joined forces and plan to go after customers in the financial and retail industries. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will combine Connect-Care's CRM software suite and First Genesis's Internet Terminal Application Down-loader (ITAD), providing an application for remotely monitoring, troubleshooting and updating point of sale (POS) devices -- all of which may add up to big savings for customers. "Companies understand that there are weaknesses in their current process due to a lack of advanced customer information," said Jeffrey Longoria, president of Connect-Care. "We expect the [combined] technology to drive not only the basic monitoring of devices, but also to capture additional customer interaction metrics. This will empower financial institutions to improve customer satisfaction and enhance customer relationships." POS devices, which are designed to scan credit and bank cards for financial transactions, traditionally require on-site servicing for software and hardware repairs. But on-site services can add up to big bucks and take hours and sometimes days to complete. Moreover, the downtime and customer dissatisfaction associated with these repairs can add up to millions in lost revenues for a retailer. The combined solution, though, addresses this problem. Specifically, the Connect-Care CRM software suite tracks critical customer and product information, including the number of POS devices, location, serial numbers and software versions. Connect-Care alerts personnel of pending issues and POS devices that need attention. The First Genesis ITAD software interface enables Connect-Care to download software updates directly to the POS device. "Our experience consulting to the financial industry coupled with Connect-Care's CRM software suite will create new methods for our customers to reduce cost and regain lost revenues," said Ronald Watty, president of First Genesis.
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