• December 6, 2012

Confirmit CustomerSat Introduces Active Dashboards

Confirmit,a software provider for customer experience, employee engagement, and market research, today introduced Active Dashboards, the latest enhancement to its reporting technology in the new release of its Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution,Confirmit CustomerSat. 

Active Dashboards provide each employee with a personalized, interactive view of customer feedback tailored to his specific role within the organization. Expressly designed for the unique needs of VoC programs, Active Dashboards deliver customer survey data in real time, displayed through a custom-selected set of colorful charts, tables, and widgets that enable users to visualize and analyze survey results at a glance. Active Dashboards are accessible to users within the Confirmit CustomerSat SaaS (software as a service) application or on a mobile device using CustomerSat Mobile. 

With Confirmit CustomerSat's DIY dashboard creation and administration tools, users can create, edit, and manage their own Active Dashboards anytime. A drag-and-drop interface allows users to configure their dashboards and schedule regular or ad-hoc publication of dashboards to any number of employees. Clients can pick and choose from pre-defined VoC widgets, including a Key Metrics Scorecard, NPS Gauge, and Voice of Customer Table with verbatim survey comments, to create Active Dashboards that are relevant to their businesses. Administrators can also delegate dashboard creation and administrative tasks to other users for additional flexibility.   

To ensure that the right Active Dashboard reports are delivered to the right employees, Confirmit CustomerSat's new QuickPaths dynamic hierarchy-building feature automatically populates dashboards with survey data according to a company's organizational hierarchies. When employees change roles, QuickPaths adapts the hierarchies and automatically updates dashboards based on those changes-so individuals always receive reports on the survey results that are relevant to their positions within the organizations. Together, these adaptive dashboard delivery capabilities and DIY dashboard management tools allow a single administrator to manage the reporting needs for a dynamic, complex organization. 

Active Dashboards increase accessibility of the advanced VoC reporting available in Confirmit CustomerSat, including the following:

  • Key Metrics Scorecard: display performance at a glance across key metrics and questions using color coding and heat maps, enabling managers to quickly assess performers, focus on key areas for improvement, and drill down to view groups of responses or a single response in detail.
  • Key Trends: trend a statistic (Mean, NPS, etc.) over time (monthly, quarterly, annually, by fiscal period, etc.)
  • Key Drivers: use correlation analysis to determine which aspects of the customer experience are most important to driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Historical Benchmark: compare scores for important metrics (such as overall satisfaction or NPS) and performance (across teams, geographies, retail locations, etc.) over time.
  • Comparative Statistics: set cross tabs based on the survey data you choose to compare performance on key metrics across questions, question choices, and upload variables and add color coding and heat maps to compare performance at a glance.
  • Voice of Customer: display of verbatim responses to open-ended questions.
  • Response Rate:monitor the health of a survey by tracking response rate in real time, with drill-down detail reports to pinpoint key invitees who may need a reminder to respond to the survey.
  • Significance Testing: conduct an automatic statistical analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) to compare results between groups or teams, and differentiate top performers and areas that need attention from random data fluctuations.
  • PeerCompare: allowusers to see their scores for key metrics in comparison to their peers, to view their performance in context.
  • Drill-Down Reporting: instantly view groups of surveys and individual survey responses that make up KPIs; read open-ended survey responses in context.
  • Push Reporting: share dashboards with other individuals responsible for the customer experience, email PDFs of a full dashboard or individual widget report, or export report data to Excel to share VoC intelligence any way you need to.

"Active Dashboards make it even easier for our clients to derive actionable insights from the voice of the customer," said Peter Myklebust, chief technology officer at Confirmit, in a statement. "The latest updates to Confirmit CustomerSat enrich the solution with advanced technologies that make CustomerSat's powerful reporting dashboards even easier to use and share, offering our clients more ways to leverage VoC feedback to positively impact the customer experience."

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