• May 29, 2013

CodeBaby Unveils Insyte Online Self-Service App

CodeBaby, a provider of intelligent virtual assistants and strategic online consumer engagement tools, today released Insyte, an online self-service offering.

Insyte empowers users to leverage on-page elements, use interactive features, and engage with intelligent virtual assistants to make account decisions and purchases. Insyte is optimized for the iPad and major Android tablets. The solution is multilingual and is integrated with CodeBaby Analytics so that organizations can track every user interaction and analyze usage, accomplishments, and trends over time.

Insyte's feature options include the following:

  • Escalation to Live Chat: Served up by the virtual assistant when needed; the user is returned to the transaction when complete.
  • Callback: A full-service solution during peak times; Insyte transmits customer contact information to existing CRM systems and notifies employees for a customer callback.
  • Email/Contact Form: Embedded within Insyte at all times or when prompted by the virtual assistant.
  • Knowledge Base: Insyte can integrate within any existing knowledge base or CodeBaby can help implement.
  • Object Library or CMS Integration: Content can be delivered on page or users can be navigated to the appropriate object outside of Insyte and configured to return at the user's discretion.
  • Natural Language Query: Allows customers and virtual assistants to use everyday language to achieve self-service objectives.

"The consumer is now demanding an enhanced online self-service experience, and the brands that achieve this will lead their industries in loyalty and conversion," said Dennis McGuire, CEO of CodeBaby, in a statement. "Insyte is transforming online self-service by brining the most relevant information to consumers instead of making them search entire Web sites to find what they are looking for."

"This is the perfect immersive online experience solution to empower consumers to gain a deeper understanding of the information they seek on Web sites," added Russ Uhlmann, Jr., executive vice president of business development at CodeBaby, in the statement. "Insyte is enabling many industries, such as benefits, health insurance and healthcare providers, to offer their customers better access to the critical and often confusing information they seek online so they are able to make the most accurate decisions for their individual lifestyles."

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