• May 2, 2012

ClickBank Announces Integration with Infusionsoft

ClickBank, a global network that enables online entrepreneurs to promote, sell, and distribute digital products, announced today that it is now integrated with Infusionsoft's all-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses. Combined, the two offer an end-to-end system for monitoring and nurturing customer relationships that drive both new and recurring business.

As a result of the integration, information from ClickBank transactions can be automatically passed into Infusionsoft. The integration, available as a plug-in, also allows vendors, Internet marketers, and other online entrepreneurs to convert new leads and grow sales among existing customers by automating complex marketing campaigns, including instituting triggers for post-purchase follow-up and creating targeted upsell messages.

"This partnership was a logical step for us, given that so many of our clients and prospective clients already use Infusionsoft and can reap immediate and measurable business value by streamlining their sales and marketing processes across the two systems," said ClickBank CEO Brad Wiskirchen in a statement. "On the flip side, there's also enormous payoff for Infusionsoft users who can tap into an extended e-commerce sales channel through the ClickBank network."

For current Infusionsoft users, the integration opens the door to the ClickBank network of more than 100,000 active affiliate marketers who can help them grow their businesses across the globe.

"We are thrilled about our partnership with ClickBank and how this alliance will serve small businesses," said Infusionsoft Senior Vice President of Corporate Development Hal Halladay, in the statement. "It is a significant opportunity to share the power of Infusionsoft's all-in-one sales and marketing software with the force of ClickBank's vendors and affiliates. This alignment is a huge step forward in online marketing and e-commerce and further advances our shared purpose of helping small businesses succeed."

Key features of the new ClickBank-Infusionsoft integration plug-in include the following:

  • Support for an unlimited number of ClickBank accounts and products with a single Infusionsoft application;
  • Automatic transfer of customer and order information (contact data, payment data, etc.) to Infusionsoft for initial purchases, as well as all upsells;
  • Checks with Infusionsoft to determine if a person's record already exists; also creates or updates person records; and
  • Triggers for unique Infusionsoft Action Sets for ClickBank purchases, rebills, canceled or failed rebills, refunds, and charge backs.

"The Clickbank-Infusionsoft integration has saved me countless hours of programming, and I'm blown away by its ease-of-use and capabilities right out of the box," said Kevin Clanton, lead developer for Idea Incubator, an angel investor fund led by Internet marketer Ryan Deiss. "In the past, I was limited and had to make special modifications to our membership sites to sell our products on ClickBank. Now, we are able to use our favorite Infusionsoft-based membership plug-ins and software with no extra work."

The integration is now available worldwide as a software plug-in for an introductory rate of $37 per month or $347 per year. Those who purchase the integration during the launch phase will receive lifetime locked-in pricing.

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