• February 21, 2012

Celebrus Technologies and Semphonic Enter into a Strategic Partnership

Celebrus Technologies, a provider of online customer intelligence solutions, has agreed to a strategic partnership with digital measurement and Web analytics consulting firm Semphonic.

As a result of this strategic partnership, Celebrus will now be one of the technologies that Semphonic's consultants will consider when assessing clients' needs. Celebrus' unique tag-free software collects data on individual visitors' interactions with a client's online channels, including Web sites, mobile applications, Facebook, and YouTube, and from this data builds individual user profiles. These profiles include highly granular, detailed data, including a visitor's on-site behaviour, preferences, and frequency of visit. The degree of detail that comes from this data can be used to power online personalization and real-time behavioural targeting.

It is anticipated that this Web analytics strategy partnership will be of particular interest to those enterprises with an extensive online presence—often with a transaction-based Web site—and who attract high volumes of visitors but nevertheless wish to provide a personalized experience. Industry sectors interested in such online customer intelligence are likely to include financial services, leisure and hospitality, media, and e-commerce.

Gary Angel, president and chief technology officer at Semphonic, explains, "Our company is a pure consultancy. We help businesses identify how best to use their digital channels and the right tools to help them along the way. We've seen an accelerating trend across the U.S. and Europe of organizations wanting to engage with online visitors on an individual level and in real time, organisations who are eager to deliver the personalization that their customers expect and do so quickly in order to gain a competitive advantage. That's admirable, and such a Web analytics strategy is highly likely to increase conversion rates and profits, but it is undermined by a reliance on existing Web analytics measurement systems to provide the data upon which to act."

Angel continues, "There are a number of Web analytics products available that are excellent tools for understanding the performance of the digital channel as a whole. But the level of detail in the data that these tools provide is severely lacking for those who want to target online visitors based upon their previous and current behaviour in real time and at the individual level. Celebrus is really the only tool that we are aware of that addresses this critical need for a real-time digital measurement infrastructure for the data warehouse. We expect many of our current and future clients to share in our excitement for what can be achieved with its use.

Katharine Hulls, vice president of marketing at Celebrus Technologies, comments, "Semphonic is a very well-respected organization throughout the Web analytics consulting and digital measurement industry and has a client list that speaks volumes for its performance and understanding of the subject matter. What adds to its credibility is the firm technology agnosticism that Semphonic prides itself upon in its consultancy. We are however entirely confident in our unique place in the market and the utility of our software and are therefore looking forward to an increased uptake of our technology across the U.S. and EMEA."

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