• February 20, 2013

CallProof Adds the Perfect Voicemail Feature to Sales Rep Software

CallProof, a provider of sales software, has released a new feature called Perfect Voicemail, which allows sales reps to pre-record voicemail templates for each type of prospect they're calling and track the results.

"Sales reps make 75 or more calls a day on average. This means they spend about 15 minutes a day, five days a week, 52 weeks a year leaving voicemails. That adds up to 65 hours a year. By using CallProof to automate this process, sales reps can gain 65 or more hours of selling time per year," said CallProof CEO Robert Hartline in a statement.

As with any sales activity, calls can be logged and tracked within the software. Sales managers can use the information to see proof of activity from their sales team and reps can see what activities bring them more sales and leads. Messages are recorded and can be split-tested to help sales reps find the perfect voicemail message to get return calls.

Sales reps can record custom messages for specific verticals or types of customers. For example, they might record one message for prospecting and another for following up. A sales rep clicks to have the system call his phone. He then answers to record a voicemail. When ready to make a prospecting call, he goes to his list of contacts and clicks to dial a number. The software dials and will automatically leave the message if the prospect does not answer.

Done correctly, voicemail can bring in more leads. "Your voicemail message is a powerful lead management tool that can charm a prospect into calling you back," Hartline said. 

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