• July 12, 2012

CFI Group Releases a Customer Feedback Document Management Module

CFI Group, a provider of customer experience management (CEM) solutions, today announced the official rollout of its new Document Management Module. The module is fully integrated with CFI Group's Customer Feedback Insights (CFI) Platform.

The CFI Platform offers customers a robust enterprise feedback management (EFM) system that provides them with the right tools to measure the customer experience across multiple channels. As part of the CFI Platform's Workflow suite, the Document Management Module is a cloud-based storage system that organizes all of your program files in a central location.

"Traditional applications are awkward and rigid and consequently end up holding back the development of a business," said Terry Redding, director of product development at CFI Group, in a statement. "Today's businesses need a flexible system that changes with them and having a platform and tools that adjust and adapt with their needs is essential. This module reflects those needs by allowing users to quickly and efficiently access information whenever they need."

As a cloud application, Document Management offers organizations the benefits of always being accessible despite their physical location or device. The application is configurable to meet the needs of each user and allows organizations to set parameters so that individuals are only able to view documents to which they are granted access.

"Our document management tool supports the growing trend of working remotely and permits users to manage their files wherever they are," Redding added. "This allows them to quickly respond to customer satisfaction needs as all of their documents are organized on the CFI Platform."

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