• February 19, 2013

C3/CustomerContactChannels Releases Two New Apps

C3/CustomerContactChannels, a provider of customer management solutions,  has just released two new apps that lets contact center managers monitor their operations in real time . 

The C3 Analytics app, available for both iPhone and Android devices, provides updates on all key performance metrics delivered straight to managers' smartphones in real time. Tied directly to the C3 Analytics platform, the app  presents the data by client, by enterprise, line of business, or site.

C3 Pulse, the second app launched to add another layer of data to the analytics platform, provides a visual representation of the call center floor, allowing managers to drill down to an individual seat/agent to view performance or view the center as a whole. The call center floor view is color coded and can display metrics such as average handle time, customer satisfaction, and service level.

"Our technology team began using C3 Pulse in late 2012 as a means of monitoring technology needs in our centers and quickly spotted the benefits of applying it to the operations as a whole," said Rick Ferry, C3 president and chief operating officer, in a statement. "The C3 Labs team is always seeking ways to make our operations better and more efficient. This type of innovation is one of C3's key differentiators, and we are very excited about both of these apps and their effect on our clients and their overall satisfaction with us."

Although the current use for C3 Pulse is internally for C3 centers, it can be customized for client centers as well.  The system receives a standard feed of data that is agnostic to the underlying source system.

"Expanding C3 Pulse to an operational audience has been transformational as the teams are no longer dependent on static reports," added Ken Condren, C3's vice president of technology, in the statement. "The ability to easily spot trends that are not accessible in traditional analytics reports delivers key levers for managers to adjust as needed to further enhance performance for our clients and their customers."

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