• September 20, 2013

Base Adds Geolocation Feature to Sales App

Base yesterday released a new geolocation app for the iOS and Android platforms. This new mobile CRM feature lets Base users see all of their contacts, leads, and deals on a map. Pins on the map show the value of each deal.

In addition to the single map view of contacts, leads and deals, the new geolocation feature offers users one-click driving directions within their Base mobile app.

"Our mission at Base is to make customers ten times more productive, whether they're using Base on the Web or on their mobile devices. Part of this means helping them utilize their time better while they're on the road with features like the new geolocation experience," said Uzi Shmilovici, Base's CEO and founder, in a statement. "It also means eliminating time wasters, like having to copy and paste customer addresses, which we've solved with one-click directions."

  • Seamless syncing - Continuous sync allows users to switch between devices regardless of the operating system on each device.
  • Offline access - Native mobile apps let users work even without network signal or Wi-Fi access. Apps sync immediately after connection is reestablished.
  • Mobile Reports - Quick access to reports keep users up-to-date on their sales performance 24/7.
  • Documents - Built-in file storage lets users securely attach documents to customers, leads, or deals and access them anywhere from all devices running Base.

"In today's post-PC world, salespeople are mobile and need tools that help them work effectivelywhen they're away from the office," Shmilovici said. "Our approach at Base is to build CRM software that's ubiquitous and empowers sales professionals regardless of what devices they use. Having great software increases user adoption, which is the number one issue with CRM systems today. Higher adoption increases the quality of data in the CRM system and suddenly makes all sales reports realistic and insightful."

Geolocation is the latest of many upcoming improvements Base is making on Web and mobile. Other recent improvements include full-featured voice integration and team and territory management.

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