• December 12, 2012

Backupify Winter Release 2012 Adds IT Control Features for Enterprises on Google Apps

Backupify, a provider of online backup services for cloud application data, today launched Backupify Winter Release 2012, the new version of its backup and recovery solution for enterprises using Google Apps.

Designed to better meet the needs of larger organizations that have more complex internal structures, legal requirements, and subdomains, Backupify for Google Apps now provides customers with a strong set of administrative control features and a centralized interface for managing their business-critical data stored in the cloud.

"This year Google Apps in the enterprise space has reached new heights, and we'll continue to see enterprise-level organizations migrating to the cloud in increasing numbers," said Rob May, CEO and co-founder of Backupify, in a statement.  "Larger organizations like the Museum of Modern Art, the Financial Times, Jawbone, Park Hotels, and Auberge Resorts, and leading academic institutions like Berklee College of Music and Rice University trust Backupify to safeguard their Google Apps data. As we work with these organizations to ensure they always have a secure second copy of their data, we've developed better tools that give more control to the administrator while managing multiple sets of daily backups." 

Backupify for Google Apps now includes the following advanced data management and admin controls for enterprise organizations:

  • Multiple Administrator Management provides organizations with multiple administrators across departments, business lines, and locations with a central portal to manage a Backupify account. Now, a company can empower multiple Backupify administrators to add users, or initiate a restore or export on behalf of their end users.
  • Audit Logs provide a comprehensive audit log, which allows administrators to monitor all actions within their Backupify accounts, including those taken by both the administrator and end users. Each log entry includes action type, action description, username, IP address and timestamp. 
  • Subdomain Management allows administrators to add and manage the backups for multiple Google Apps subdomains from one Backupify account, providing the three times daily backups to all existing accounts under the parent domain.

"Backupify makes it easy for our administrators to manage the growing number of Google Apps users and data within our organizational structure," said Dave Ouyang, IT Manager at leading residential solar company, Sungevity, in a statement. "Our confidence in Backupify is based on its ongoing developments with Google Apps as Sungevity continues to grow. With Backupify, our mission-critical data is always being backed up across the company no matter how many users we add to the cloud." 

Backupify for Google Apps is available for larger organizations through two plans. The Enterprise Edition is $4 per month per user, which requires a minimum of 25 seats and includes unlimited storage. The Enterprise Plus Edition backs up an unlimited amount of users with up to one terabyte of data for $990 per month, with the option to buy additional storage as needed.

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