• April 8, 2013

Angoss Delivers KnowledgeREADER for Integrated Customer Intelligence

Angoss Software today released KnowledgeREADER, an application that combines visual text discovery and sentiment analysis with predictive analytics.

The new offering enables customer intelligence professionals and marketers to understand and model customer feedback from surveys, contact center notes, social media, email, and warranty or claims notes.

Data analysts can extend the use of KnowledgeREADER to merge unstructured and structured data to perform data mining and predictive analytics with additional predictive variables. Together, voice of the customer data can be integrated from all sources for visual text discovery and combined with structured data for data mining and predictive modeling.

KnowledgeREADER supports a complete customer lifecycle analysis of marketing, customer relationship management, and customer intelligence data  to design and deploy predictive strategies around customer segmentation, acquisition and retention, cross-sell and upsell, next-best-offer, and more.

KnowledgeREADER includes the following features:

  • Text Discovery Dashboard - Delivers visual insight into sentiment distribution and sentiment across top topics, themes and entities.
  • Sentiment Analysis - Comparison and trend analysis allows users to visually track sentiment over time and detect similarities and differences in sentiment distribution across data sets.
  • Association Discovery - Association Map creates a visual representation to discover how terms are used in relation to each other in order to identify the context surrounding trending themes and topics.
  • Document Exploration - Conduct a drill-down review of specific terms and themes or topics of interest at the document level. Sentiment markup highlights all terms of interest and color codes them based on sentiment.
  • Supports in-database analytics and data and file import from Database, Excel, CSV, HTML, Word, PDF and Outlook PST files.
  • Best-in-class Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Sentiment analysis, classification and entity and theme extraction with multiple language support for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German by the embedded Salience Engine from Lexalytics.
  • Predictive Analytics - Merge the output of text analytics with your structured data to perform data mining and predictive modeling with Angoss best-in-class Decision Trees and Strategy Trees.

"Customer analytics is gaining mainstream adoption with the explosion of big data, social media, and changing consumer channel preferences," said Martin Galligan , president and CEO of Angoss, in a statement. "Companies who use SaaS providers for social media, sentiment, and text analytics are demanding greater control of their customer intelligence decisions. Without the power of data mining and predictive analytics, these early to market solutions leave marketing and customer intelligence professionals with more questions than answers. KnowledgeREADER brings unparalled customer intelligence and predictive analytics to these individuals and allows greater flexibility and responsiveness to changing customer needs." 

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