• January 30, 2012

Andromo Lets SMBs Make Mobile Apps

Andromo has released App Maker for Android, a free Web-based service that helps small business owners create Android apps with, among other things, interactive mapping and navigation features.

Using Andromo's interactive map feature, a neighborhood coffee shop owner could mark the shop's location on a map, and direct app users to that location from wherever they might be. Chain businesses, including retailers and restaurants, can also benefit since there is no limit to the number of addresses that can be plotted on the map.

Andromo users can add interactive maps to their apps by adding this feature from a list and then typing in their location's full addresses. With a few mouse clicks, users can also personalize the appearance of their apps and add other advanced features, such as RSS feeds (Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger etc), Web sites, photos, and more. Andromo then generates a customized Android app that can be shared with customers.

"People love the high-quality app they're able to make with Andromo," said Andromo founder Colin Adams, in a statement. "Quality is especially important to the small business owners who use our service. They don't want a generic app that is just OK and makes them look amateur. They want a slick app that represents exactly who they are and allows them to effectively communicate news to their customers."

While still in beta release, 21,285 Andromo members have already started work on 18,638 Android apps.

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