• September 15, 2023

Amazon, Apple, Domino's, TikTok, WhatsApp, and Nike Top 2023 Brand Loyalty Leaders

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Brand Keys' 2023 Loyalty Leaders survey found a changing face of customer loyalty and expectations, with the largest number of new brands appearing in this years list.

The 15th annual survey of consumers assessed 1,650 brands in 145 categories to identify new pathways for creating and nurturing brand loyalty, according to Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys' founder and president.

Consumers rated the following brands in their top-15 in the 2023 Loyalty Leaders List:

  1. Apple (smartphones).
  2. Amazon (online retail).
  3. Domino's (pizza).
  4. Netflix (video streaming).
  5. TikTok (social networking).
  6. Nike (athletic footwear).
  7. WhatsApp (instant messaging).
  8. Samsung (smartphones).
  9. Amazon (video streaming).
  10. Apple TV (streaming video).
  11. YouTube (social networking).
  12. Discover (credit cards).
  13. Disney+ (streaming video).
  14. Dunkin' (coffee).
  15. Hyundai (automotive).

Consumer loyalty assessments, a leading-indicator of positive consumer brand behavior, welcomed 12 new brands to this year's Top 100. "That's the largest number of new brands to appear in the survey's 15-year history," Passikoff noted. "These assessments identify consumers' desires and how they see brands meeting or failing to meet their expectations; essentially, why they're loyal."

New top-100 brands included the following:

  • ChatGPT (AI, #49).
  • Delta (airlines, #60).
  • Colgate (toothpaste, #64).
  • Modelo Especial (beer, #71).
  • Kia (automotive, #76).
  • Chevrolet (automotive, #88).
  • Hogwarts Legacy (video games, #91).
  • NFL (major league sports, #94).
  • Macy's (department stores, #95).>
  • Chick-fil-A (fast casual food, #96).
  • Estée Lauder (luxury cosmetics, #97).
  • Patagonia (apparel retailers, #100).

"Loyalty is a critical KPI, but it requires more than asking about the likelihood to recommend a brand. Monitoring movement up and down the Loyalty Leaders List is an important first step as a change in loyalty-rank always predicts future consumer behavior and brands' bottom lines," Passikoff said. "This year's results reflect how brand marketing and management positively or negatively affects loyalty."

"The success of the Barbie movie and its emotive influence on consumer-engagement and loyalty was readily apparent at the box office and for the brand," he added. "Mattel got a loyalty bounce of 46 spots, moving from #88 last year to #42 this year.

"On the other hand, some marketing moves don't work as well. The brand formerly known as Twitter was #47 last year but lost loyalty with its X name-change, among other branding blunders," Passikoff continued. "Consumers clipped X's loyalty wings, dropping it 45 spots to #92 this year."

Brands with largest loyalty-list gains this year included the following:

  • Tito's (+53).
  • Mattel (+46).
  • T.J. Maxx (+32).
  • L'Oreal (+27).
  • American Express and Ford (+19 each).

Brands with greatest losses in customer loyalty-rank included the following:

  • X (-45).
  • Spotify (-21).
  • Old Navy (-16).
  • Paramount+ (-15).
  • Whole Foods (-13).

The 2023 Loyalty Leaders List demonstrates brands that make loyalty, engagement, and expectations top priorities not only place high on the list, but more importantly, rank high on consumers' shopping lists. "Brand loyalty is all about the emotional connection a brand can create with consumers and how well a brand is felt to meet consumers' mostly-emotional expectations. Do that and your brand will always perform better in the marketplace," Passikoff said.

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