Adobe Advertising Cloud Announces Integrations with Microsoft Bing

On Wednesday, Adobe strengthened ties between its Advertising Cloud Search offering and Microsoft’s Bing search engine with the introduction of Retargeting Lists for Search Ads, Custom Audiences, and Dynamic Search Ad.

"Advertisers can now use their own first-party data—such as whether someone abandoned a shopping cart—and then retarget that person later when they’re searching relevant terms," says Pete Kluge, group manager of product marketing at Adobe's Advertising Cloud. "Advertisers can also set bid modifiers for specific audiences and leverage portfolio optimization algorithms, giving marketers extra control and providing them with the best chance to reach those valuable users and drive lift in performance."

Adobe's Advertising Cloud Search product provides cross-network campaign optimization capabilities through forecasting models, scalable campaign automation tools, and an integration with Adobe's Analytics Cloud. Marketers can use the forecasting models to predict the performance of their search, mobile, and shopping campaigns. The solution integrates with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex, among other search engines.

The Retargeting Lists for Search Ads component aims to help marketers target customers with more relevant ads and to boost conversions. To do so, end users of Adobe's Advertising Cloud Search solution have to first create specific audiences within Adobe's products so that they can track a customer's behavior for signals revealed as they browse a firm's digital properties. For instance, a customer might look at a page that features a specific product or place that item into a digital shopping cart but never finalize the purchase—a common occurrence, according to Kluge. Adobe end users can mine the behavioral information to dynamically adjust bids on items customers have expressed interest in as they use Bing to search for similar products.  

Custom Audiences enables Bing search advertisers to leverage audience segments they've created in Adobe's Audience Manager data management platform. The segments can be imported from Adobe's Analytics and managed within Adobe's Advertising Search Cloud so that users can mine information on purchase histories and page visitations, to better target their customers on the Advertising Cloud and Bing. A server-to-server integration enables companies to update segments in real time and in synch.

The Dynamic Search Ads function is designed to help companies enhance their existing search ad campaigns. The offering can take customer information logged on a company’s web pages and use it to create custom copy for headlines and landing pages on the fly, while resurfacing ads to a customer when he has entered relevant search words on Bing. Users can manage Bing Dynamic Search Ads campaigns alongside their other search campaigns within Adobe’s Advertising Cloud Search solution.

The additions come at a time when Adobe and Microsoft have been making considerable efforts to create deeper integrations between their offerings. Paul Greenberg, president of the 56 Group, calls it "a mission-critical partnership" for both software vendors. "The depths of the integrations are just stunning," he comments. "It's not like they are taking the typical approach and taking a couple of APIs to link two products together; they are going down to the root of the architecture—it's fascinating to see."

Brian Utter, general manager of network and demand management at Microsoft, said in a statement that the releases were a step forward in the vendors' alliance:

"We're excited to build upon our partnership with Adobe to deliver even more enhanced audience tools and features for our mutual customers. These tools will allow marketers to reach the right audience at the right time. We will continue to work together to provide advertisers with the best possible tools for success."

"Adobe and Bing are focused on driving the best performance for our mutual customers and will continue to partner on innovations that drive optimal results for search advertisers," Adobe's Kluge wrote in a blog post.

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