• October 12, 2020

Adobe Adds AI Customer Experience Capabilities to Intelligent Services

Adobe today introduced Content and Commerce AI and Real-time CDP within Intelligent Services, a suite of artificial intelligence tools for marketers.

Built on Adobe Experience Platform and powered by Adobe's Sensei AI technology, Content and Commerce AI, when combined with Adobe Experience Manager, can tell marketers how colors, subjects, keywords, and tags in documents and content fragments are performing.

In early pilots, users have seen a 15 percent engagement increase on personalized content, according to Ali Bohra, director of product marketing at Adobe.

Bohra notes that with Content and Commerce AI, retailers can automatically label and quantify the color composition of images and deliver similar product recommendations to customers

Adobe's Real-time CDP allows companies to leverage Customer AI to analyze historical and real-time data to understand customer actions and shopping behaviors. It bridges marketing and IT, helping companies find meaning in different data sets, from CRM to online analytics to offline point-of-sale systems.

"Customer AI in Real-time CDP will help brands understand and predict customer propensity, such as the likelihood to convert or churn, along with the reasons behind their actions," Bohra said in a blog post today.

He noted that a media company could leverage Adobe's Real-time CDP to ingest data from multiple systems to build rich profiles and target viewers with the right content.

Both Content and Commerce AI and Real-time CDP "democratize AI within organizations, giving brands access to smarter workflows and real-time scalability," Bohra said. "Brands today understand the importance of content and that to maximize its performance, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of customer preference to personalize accordingly."

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