• February 1, 2001

A New Entrée Into the Wireless Web

The Problem: When you're away from the office, there's nothing as important as the guarantee of a fast, wireless Internet connection that is ready when needed.

The Solution:

"We know that once you have an AirCard 400, it will become a most critical tool for you. We want it to work for you whenever and wherever your profession demands," states Sierra Wireless of the latest in its AirCard line, scheduled to hit the market in early Q1 2001. This wireless network interface card (NIC) for the Ricochet 128 kilobits per second network is designed to supply on-the-go professionals with seamless mobile access via laptop, Internet appliances and PDAs that have Type II PC card slots and run Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000 or a Pocket PC NDIS-compliant driver for the NIC interface.

The AirCard 400 is the size of a credit card; it can be stored in the PC card slot at all times, and the detachable, rugged antenna makes it easy to use and transport. The connection from your notebook or Pocket PC to the Richochet network is said to be direct, with no in-between steps, and the Watcher Software gives users easy access to all configuration options.

Per Sierra Wireless, the AirCard 400 will offer "the fastest mobile wireless access speeds" at a connection three to four times faster than a dial-up connection, comparable to ISDN--but, of course, without the wires. GoAmerica, Juno Online Services, SkyTel, UUNet, WebConnect, WorldCom and other channel partners offer Ricochet service.

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