• March 23, 2016

myThings Launches Mobile Analytics Partners Program (MAPP)

myThings, a retargeting company, today launched the Mobile Analytics Partners Program (MAPP), enabling marketers to run app retargeting campaigns without embedding additional SDKs. Kochava, AppsFlyer, TUNE, and adjust are the first partners to be added to the program.

Developers can set up myThings app retargeting campaigns quickly and without any development work via their existing SDK integrations with these approved attribution partners. In this way, myThings extends the tracking and attribution solutions from these providers to all its app retargeting campaigns.

"User retention presents a significant challenge to app developers, who are shifting spend from acquisition to re-engagement. myThings MAPP helps streamline the re-engagement process by guaranteeing developers an SDK bypass route for seamless integration of our app retargeting campaigns via the largest and most renowned app attribution providers to quickly reach and captivate abandoners, which is essential to successful re-engagement," Assaf Suprasky, myThings CEO, said in a statement.

myThings' app retargeting solution includes customized segmentation, creative, and fully managed optimization of each retargeting campaign.

Through the partnerships, myThings will also be able to optimize campaigns toward greater return on advertising spend using the in-app, post-install event data that is tracked by attribution partners, so long as developers give permission for it to be shared.

"We are constantly innovating to provide the best tools, technology, and partnerships in the mobile ecosystem that enable app developers and marketers to optimize their ROI. We're very excited to be on the myThings MAPP, particularly given how important user retention and re-engagement have become for app developers," Oren Kaniel, co-founder and CEO of Appsflyer, said in a statement. "We look forward to this fruitful partnership and, together with myThings, continuing to offer marketers mobile retargeting campaigns powered by unbiased analytics and event tracking, as well as the insights they need to get the best possible returns on their investment."

"Kochava believes in empowering developers with the most innovative features and most advanced tech in the industry. We are excited to help our customers extend the measurement and optimization of their mobile re-engagement efforts by integrating with myThings, a retargeting provider that fully leverages the extensive flexibility of the Kochava platform for maximum segmentation and relevancy within app retargeting campaigns," said Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava, in a statement.

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