• October 12, 2021

mParticle Launches Data Planning Tools

mParticle, a customer data platform provider, today launched Data Planning tools and best practices to help marketers, developers, and product managers realize the full benefit of customer data by simplifying data plan implementation and mitigating dirty data.

Data planning helps guide developers' and marketers' data-related tasks while also promoting cross-organizational collaboration and data minimization. mParticle's Data Planning features include the following:

  • Data Planning, which serves as an interface for marketers, product managers, developers, and analysts to collaborate on defining the customer data that is important to the business. By building this plan with mParticle, users can alleviate data quality issues in downstream systems, such as Amplitude, Braze, Snowflake, and more.
  • Data Validation, which resolves data quality issues in real time, monitoring conformance to data plans in Live Stream.
  • Data Activation, which provides insights into which attributes are available for each event in data sets as well as what those data points mean.

"The old adage for data of garbage in, garbage out has only increased as more companies attempt to realize the value of their data," said Chee Chew, chief product officer of mParticle, in a statement. "mParticle's Data Plans enable companies to trust their customer data, build rich profiles, and personalize customer experiences."

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