• April 22, 2020

etailz Launches AdManager to Optimize Amazon Advertising

etailz.com, an Amazon retailer that provides marketing and logistical support, today launched AdManager, its cost-per-click advertising software for Amazon.

AdManager uses artificial intelligence to automate the management of Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, including daily bid optimization, high-converting search term addition, negative keyword audit, and daily budget optimization. Advertisers can tailor AdManager's bidding strategy by setting targets or create their own custom rules to guide the software's actions.

AdManager also runs weekly audits for high-converting customer search terms and then adds them to the list of bidding terms. Likewise, AdManager evaluates current keywords to identify and isolate low-performing terms. It also runs hourly checks of daily budgets. If a campaign runs low on daily budget while meeting or exceeding defined metrics, AdManager can automatically increase the daily budget to prevent lost momentum.

"We built AdManager to address the issues we, as retailers, were having. Through Seller Central alone, or competitive software, there are many limitations, including access to historical data, streamlined reporting to inform data-driven decisions, and the ability to efficiently optimize campaigns at a mass scale and at the product level. AdManager makes that and so much more possible," said Kunal Chopra, CEO of etailz, in a statement.

One of etailz's beta clients, NutraBio, used AdManager to increase marketing sales by 43 percent, decrease spend by 16 percent, and decrease average cost of sale by 5 percent.

"I spent a lot of time building custom Excel sheets and employing best practices for my ad campaigns. With a significant time investment, I was able to achieve a 12 percent ACoS through Seller Central. With just three weeks of running AdManager, my ACoS has dropped below 8 percent, and it took nowhere near as much effort. The level of support from etailz ensured that this was a pain-free process. Now I have opened up my budget for more aggressive ad spending and even greater returns," said Marc Bruggemann, online marketplace manager at NutraBio, in a statement.

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