• October 3, 2017

engageSimply Adds Predictive Content Modeling to Campaign Wisdom

engageSimply, a marketing tech firm specialized in programmatic data and advertising, launched a trending topic predictive model as part of its Campaign Wisdom solution; a trending topic programmatic buying platform. The content predictive model, helps marketers build market segments based on trending topic interests.

Launched in 2016, Campaign Wisdom is a proprietary artificial intelligence-powered programmatic buying platform with two integrated modules; a topic planning module that creates proprietary data to help companies understand which trending topics are most monetizable; and a trending topic programmatic buying platform that identifies specific, trending topic web pages and places contextually relevant brand ads on those trending topic pages.

"Bots don't make content journeys, only people do," said engageSimply CEO and Founder Judy Shapiro in a statement. "Our AI technology learns what topic journeys are most productive and then identifies real audiences who are engaging around these topics. This quality scale topic approach leads to faster conversion because people who gather around topics are demonstrating real-time intent."

Campaign Wisdom uses evidence-based content development, campaign decisioning, media risk management, and topic scenarios to react to market conditions. With it, companies can launch brand-to-demand content campaigns linking brand messages to ROI-driven demand results.

"We build new, pristine data sets that continue to grow because of the unlimited number of trending topics that real audiences engage with every day," said Eugene Peresvyetov, engageSimply's chief technology officer, in a statement. "This technology is the first to link programmatic data via our own programmatic platform with real-time topic data to drive better results while addressing the fraud impression issue plaguing programmatic media buying."

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