• September 15, 2016

Zyme Expands Its Partnership with Qlik

Zyme, a provider of channel data management (CDM), is partnering with Qlik, a provider of visual analytics.

Zyme's cloud-based CDM platform leverages the Qlik visual analytics platform to deliver prebuilt dashboards for analytics from a global vantage point and with store-level granularity to users on any device.

While Zyme and Qlik have been partners for the past seven years, this strategic partnership now leverages Qlik's latest platform innovations, such as Qlik Sense, and empowers customers to turn Zyme's channel data into actionable intelligence through visualizations that capture channel sales performance, inventory levels, e-commerce trends, and much more.

The zyme cloud platform 3.0 provides data that enables companies to fully understand their indirect sales channels. Qlik's visual analytics solution, which is integrated into the Zyme platform, helps customers leverage channel data to drive critical business decisions in real time, uncover trends, and communicate them clearly across the organization.

Zyme's partnership with Qlik powers an array of cloud-based business intelligence solutions, including zapGlobal, zapRetail, zapMobile and zymeEcommerce.

The platform also provides data governance that ensures sensitive data is only accessible to authorized users.

"With its powerful data visualization and discovery capabilities, Qlik Sense provides users with powerful insights into their business," said Scott Safe, vice president of alliance and channel sales at Qlik, in a statement. "The integration of Qlik Sense with zyme cloud platform 3.0 now allows users to take action based on these insights, updating plans and forecasts, and reallocating resources to capitalize on new business opportunities."

"Qlik's platform helps unlock the power of channel data by making it accessible and understandable to a wide audience," said Mukund Ramaratnam, vice president of strategic sales at Zyme, in a statement. "The ability to develop data visualizations once and achieve perfect rendering on laptops, tablets or smartphones helps us deliver greater value faster. We also look forward to leveraging Qlik's self-service capabilities to bring more value to customers."

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