• May 28, 2020

Zuora Launches Updated Central Platform for Subscription Businesses

Zuora, a subscription management platform provider, has launched the latest version of Zuora Central Platform with free pre-built workflows. Powered by Zuora's cloud-based microservices architecture, the enterprise platform helps companies test and launch new subscription products faster at scale.

The Zuora Central Platform allows subscription businesses to adapt to market demands at scale. It couples enterprise-grade capabilities with latest consumer-scale cloud technologies, such as Amazon Web Services, DynamoDB, and Presto, to extend Zuora's suite of Order-to-Revenue applications for the enterprise.

New features and enhanced capabilities of the Zuora Central Platform include the following:

  • Custom Objects, which enables companies to customize and extend the Zuora data model to power industry-specific use cases across billions of objects.
  • Data Query, which provides fast access to live distributed data through a standard SQL interface.
  • Workflow, which orchestrates business processes across all platform data and services. For six months, customers will receive free access to Zuora Workflow software for five specific use cases to address common challenges in response to COVID-19. They include applying goodwill discounts, applying credit back, suspending subscriptions, resuming subscriptions, and suspending payment collections.
  • Audit Trail with reporting and monitoring of critical subscription activity.
  • Zuora Central Sandbox, which leverages a microservices architecture to enable developers to test and deploy new capabilities quickly.

Hudl, a sports analysis software company, was an early adopter.

"Zuora's test environment capabilities allowed us to simulate a change to our product catalog on 150,000 subscriptions ahead of doing the change in production. The confidence it gave us led to the completion of the project several months earlier than anticipated with minimal impact on our users. Definitely an effective tool for the job," said Paul Poulsen, engineering manager at Hudl, in a statement.

The Zuora Central Platform arms subscription businesses with the agility to adapt to market demands at scale. (Graphic: Business Wire)

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