• February 6, 2024

ZoomInfo Introduces ZoomInfo Copilot

ZoomInfo today introduced ZoomInfo Copilot, an artificial intelligence-powered solution that unifies company go-to-market (GTM) data, including first-party CRM data and ZoomInfo's data, and applies generative AI to sift through the noise and identify insights sellers want.

With ZoomInfo Copilot, salespeople get AI-guided recommendations about whom to contact, when to engage them, and even what to say across every channel.

ZoomInfo Copilot offers the following:

  • AI-guided prospecting -- ZoomInfo Copilot personalizes the seller's homepage with a prioritized list of target accounts, ranked by the most important recent sales triggers, like timely intent signals and executive scoops. These in-market accounts can be delivered right to the seller's inbox, app, or device.
  • Dynamic buying committees -- ZoomInfo Copilot's AI-powered quick filters surface the members of buying committees who are most likely to engage, which admins can curate and push out to their frontline sellers.
  • Generative AI-powered outreach -- ZoomInfo Copilot's Next Best Action feature uses AI to pull account insights and intent signals from ZoomInfo's sales intelligence and helps determine the seller's next move.
  • AI Email Assistant that takes the seller's objective and previous account context, and, using insights from ZoomInfo, generates an email draft.
  • Unified data -- ZoomInfo Copilot surfaces its insights from a unified layer that includes both customer opportunity data and ZoomInfo' real-time signals and data. The solution's bidirectional integrations with other tech platforms can also enhance insights and data quality.
  • Customization -- Sales leaders can tailor whom their reps target and engage. Admins can personalize their go-to-market by configuring target accounts, buying committees, intent topics, and workflows, all auto-generated by AI.

"ZoomInfo Copilot gives GTM teams an unfair advantage," ZoomInfo Founder and CEO Henry Schuck said in a statement. "We've harnessed the power of AI to transform the workflow of modern sales teams. Sellers can leverage ZoomInfo's unrivaled data as they mobilize impactful, AI-recommended insights across channels and drive personalized engagement, all in one user-friendly platform."

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