• November 16, 2016

Zesty.io Launches Brand Epicenter

San Diego-based tech firm Zesty.io has launched Brand Epicenter, a turnkey website platform for brand marketers to engage directly with customers and build brand loyalty and, in turn, support repeat sales through retail channel partners.

"The days of 'kid-tested, mother-approved' products are long gone," said Randy Apuzzo, founder and CEO of Zesty.io, in a statement. "Influencer marketing is the ticket to brands being backed by hundreds of mothers on the internet and thousands of tweets from cereal-loving kids."

Zesty.io Brand Epicenter captures post-sales engagement opportunities to enable influencer marketing campaigns.

The Zesty.io Brand Epicenter implementation model for influencer marketing has been validated by brands like Sony Electronics. Sony Alpha, the camera division of Sony Electronics, came to Zesty.io to build its website and launch its influencer marketing program. It achieved a 164 percent quarter-over-quarter increase in website traffic and a 185 percent faster time to market.

"With an extremely efficient UI and a host of innovative features like the Zesty.io social curator tool, the Zesty.io Platform has become the backbone of our customer engagement success, as the site has received nearly half a million customer visits per month," said Matt Parnell, marketing communications manager at Sony Electronics, in a statement. "The Zesty.io Platform has quickly developed into a global benchmark for Sony's content marketing program. We are now working with Zesty.io to deploy this strategy in other key regions throughout the world."

Each Zesty.io Brand Epicenter comprises sharable, interconnected web pages for marketers to tailor topics of interest to specific audiences or product lines in building their influencer marketing campaigns.

Zesty.io Brand Epicenter is a web content management platform based on SaaS 3.0 technology, which is 100 percent native in the browser,. Features include the following:

  • A social curator tool that captures customer posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram;
  • Creative branded content that features customers and articles of interest;
  • Global plug-and-play integration with popular store locators and review systems;
  • Intuitive user interface for marketers and developers;
  • Enterprise-level security; and
  • A mobile-responsive design framework.

Brand Epicenter is one offering of the Zesty.io web content management platform. For companies that have more than one product line in their brand portfolio, Zesty.io Platform is built to allow brands to easily build and deploy multiple web properties on individual Brand Epicenters that share common assets. With Zesty.io Platform, multiple web properties can be connected to share content, cross-promote brands, and streamline digital marketing efforts.

Zesty.io Brand Epicenter is available with special introductory pricing through March 2017 starting at $2,000 per month.

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