• May 12, 2021

Zeotap Launches Predictive Audiences

Zeotap, a customer data platform provider, today launched Predictive Audiences as part of its Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP).

Designed to help marketers increase the impact of their campaigns, Predictive Audiences enables the creation and application of machine-learned predictive segments in just a few clicks.

Predictive Audiences simplifies the process of creating and activating machine learned segments into the following three steps:

  • Out-of-the-box models: CIP users can apply either recency-frequency-monetary (RFM) or customer lifetime value (CLV) models to their customer data;
  • Enrichment: the CIP then enriches the resulting segments with additional data attributes, such as age, demographics, and interests, and allows the user to apply first-party profile attributes, such as email subscription status or card membership status; and
  • Activation: the resulting audiences can then be activated across any number of marketing channels through Zeotap's integration ecosystem.

"We've seen the story time and time again: Marketers want to use customer data in order to drive more impactful campaigns, but they get stuck when they need data science support. Predictive Audiences is designed to solve this problem," said Daniel Heer, founder and CEO of Zeotap, in a statement. "By putting the power of machine learning into the hands of the marketer, Predictive Audiences makes it easy to quickly boost the success of marketing efforts with just a few clicks, a game-changer for the data-driven team."

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