• May 24, 2021

Yext Launches Support Answers to Streamline Resolutions for Customers and Agents 

Yext today launched Support Answers, a suite of artificial intelligence-powered enterprise search solutions built for customer support teams.

Yext Support Answers, now tailored for a range of support use cases, understand the meaning behind customer questions and deliver direct answers drawing from businesses' FAQs, product manuals, help articles, and more.

Support Answers includes the following solutions:

  • Help Site Search: Businesses can now implement Yext's natural language processing (NLP) on their help sites so that when customers ask support questions in the search bar, they can get instant answers drawn directly from FAQs, guides, tutorials, videos, ebooks, product manuals, and more, without having to contact customer support. Multiple algorithms, including Extractive Question Answering (QA) and Semantic Text Search, enable the search experience to surface the best result instead of a list of hyperlinks.
  • Case Form Deflection: Businesses can proactively deflect customer support ticket submissions and provide another opportunity for customers to self-serve with case form deflection, which suggests relevant answers to customers as they are filling out the details of their issue.
  • Agent Desktop Search:Businesses can centralize all support-related content in each agent's internal portal.
  • SEO for Help Center:If customers ask support questions on a third-party search engine like Google, businesses can still answer those questions via search-optimized landing pages and synced FAQs that improve ranking on the results page and increase the chances of appearing as a featured snippet.
  • In-App Support: With just a few lines of code, businesses can implement a digital concierge on their web, mobile, and desktop apps that expands into a dynamic, chat-like search experience.
  • Knowledge Base, which hinges on the Yext Knowledge Graph, a central database for businesses to store, view, edit, and approve all of their support-related information(and the relationships among that data).

Businesses like Krispy Kreme, BBVA USA, Three UK, and Advantage Dental have already been experiencing significant success with Yext's support solutions. Just two weeks into Three's use of Answers, the mobile service provider saw a 42 percent reduction in customers who clicked Contact Us after using its site's search feature, according to the company.

"Customers have consistently expressed their aversion to contacting customer support, but for the longest time, businesses have not had the technology powerful enough for them to resolve their issues independently," said Marc Ferrentino, chief strategy officer at Yext, in a statement. "Today, that changes with the launch of Support Answers, which leverages our platform's multiple search algorithms to interpret people's intent and deliver contextually relevant, direct answers in a way that meets consumers' needs and expectations and saves a business time and money."

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