• November 10, 2020

Xactly Launches Operational Sales Management (OSM)

Xactly, a provider of cloud-based sales performance management software, today launched Operational Sales Management (OSM) to streamline sales processes.

Designed to address planning, managing, incenting, analyzing, and forecasting, Xactly's tightly-integrated offerings allow organizations to continuously track performance and make data-driven decisions.

Through an analytics-based approach to managing quotas and territories, OSM provides sales leaders access to a single source of truth that seamlessly integrates with their existing sales technology investments. It automates the management of day-to-day change by focusing on people, territory, credit, and quota management.

"Rolling out Operational Sales Management as part of our broader solutions portfolio opens the door to a brand-new way of thinking about sales performance management, not as siloed activities but as a holistic business process needed by every company to accelerate both digital and sales transformation," said Arnab Mishra, chief product officer at Xactly, in a statement. "In this ongoing period of market ambiguity, Xactly is committed to providing solutions that meet complex enterprise needs with an integrated ecosystem of technology that simplifies SPM and helps companies easily and effectively adapt in order to improve revenue growth."

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