• August 24, 2021

Worthix Launches Worthix 2.0

Worthix, a conversational artificial intelligence technology company, today launched Worthix 2.0 with advanced features, including the Worthix Decision Lab, which enables companies to identify the elements of an experience, external influences, and mechanisms, such as social proof, to pinpoint the exact moment and reason behind purchase decisions.

With the Worthix 2.0 platform update, companies can obtain deeper, more nuanced customer data and generate critical insights. New features include the following:

  • LUCI, Worthix's AI system that can facilitate dynamic conversations with customers in any language. LUCI continuously learns from conversations to detect differences in language and meaning across cultures and regions. In Worthix 2.0, LUCI can ask new questions to identify influences such as social proof.
  • Worthix Decision Lab, an advanced dashboard that delivers predictive analytics by allowing companies to simulate actions, anticipate how customers would react ,and determine the business-critical impacts. With the Worthix Decision Lab, companies can test, measure, and predict which elements of their products or services enhance the customer experience and boost purchases in each geography.
  • Updated interface, graphs, and charts..
  • Competitor Landscape, which provides insights into which competitive products or services interest their customers and which competitor companies should be considered the greatest threat.
  • Advanced natural language processing assisted by more advanced topic detection.

"With global markets undergoing change at a pace unprecedented even a year ago, companies have never had a greater need for dependable data on what's really driving their customers' purchases and corresponding insights around the most business-critical actions to take and when in order to stay competitive," said Guilherme Cerqueira, CEO and co-founder of Worthix, in a statement. "The new capabilities we're delivering with the Worthix 2.0 Platform will allow companies to reach a new level of engagement with their customers and identify what elements of the customer experience make the greatest impact. Aligning their investment priorities to customers' needs will help companies reach higher levels of overall business success."

"The healthcare industry is changing rapidly, with emerging technologies transforming the market and patients' expectations every day," said Jonathan Sachs, vice president of patient experience and foundation at Adventist Healthcare, in a statement. "By using the Worthix 2.0 platform, our organization has been able to identify the actions which will make a significant impact to our patients across locations and groups, allowing us to improve our patient experience and provide the cutting-edge offerings which matter most to them. It has been especially valuable to receive continuous feedback from patients on how the changes we make are being received, so we know we are always on the path to providing better care."

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