• March 14, 2017

Wayin Launches Marketing App Store

Wayin, providers of a digital campaign content management system (CMS), today launched the Wayin App Store, a customizable library of marketing campaigns that streamlines the campaign ideation and creation process. Through the App Store, brands can customize and optimize previous campaigns and re-launch them in different geographies, maximizing the reach of conversion-driving interactive marketing experiences.

Wayin's App Store enables companies to access a private collection of campaigns and digital experiences previously executed through the Wayin CMS. Details about each campaign, such as specific features, key objectives, and results metrics, help marketers identify the right campaign in the App Store to help them achieve their goals.

"The cyclical nature of marketing means campaigns are continually responding to the same cultural moments every year, whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the Superbowl," said Richard Jones, Wayin's CEO, in a statement. "Unfortunately, most global companies end up recreating similar digital experiences year after year, wasting a huge amount of time and resources. Through the Wayin App Store, brand marketers can analyze metrics from previous campaigns in different countries and divisions, then select one that is relevant to their goals and build on it to target consumers in their market, making campaigns more engaging for consumers and easier to execute for marketers."

Along with the App Store, Wayin has rolled out a series of new service expansion apps that enable brands to integrate more creative, interactive features into their campaigns. Applications include a meme-generator, live social maps, ad unit integration, Facebook Live and Periscope voting and charting, chatbot creation, augmented reality experiences, and prize fulfillment capabilities.

"Traditional digital marketing, such as video, retargeting, and native advertisements, have proven to be far less effective than initially anticipated, and brands are struggling to drive significant revenue from today's standard advertising tactics," said Scott McNealy, Wayin's founder and executive chairman of the board, in a statement. "Wayin's innovative CMS focuses on interactive experiences for consumers, driving far more valuable results than simple content impressions. We are also exploring new channels and leveraging next-generation technology, such as chat bots, augmented reality, Snapchat Ads, and live social broadcasting to truly engage consumers. What iTunes did for music and Google Play did for online media, the Wayin App Store is doing for digital campaign experiences."

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